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Coloring Nobita Youtube
– It’s unbelievable to contemplate how enduringly fashionable Coloring Nobita Youtube
however proceed to be. By no means mind how the world adjustments, our youngsters these days love to color in just as much as we did once we had been youngsters. It is an outstanding family interest and one you should make a daily day trip to relish together with your teen.

ドラえもん Takeshi & Doraemon, Nobita Coloring Page - Cartoon ..

In fact it’s the colourful properly recognized characters who are hottest. For daughters, it needs to be Coloring Nobita Youtube
coloring pages and hi there kitty. For sons, it is Spongebob and Spider-man. Nevertheless the preferred total is Disney Coloring Nobita Youtube
, which is no surprise!

Free Coloring Nobita Youtube

By sticking your kids arts round the house (normally the kitchen or playroom) you will also be subtlely displaying how proud you might be of their efforts and contributing to the building of their self-respect. As time passes and so they see their progression it’s going to additionally educate them that with practise and persistence they will get better at something they put their thoughts to. In spite of everything, follow makes perfect.

It not just increases focus expertise, hand eye co-ordination and the selecting up of colours, it is usually an incredible likelihood for us grownups to get some quality time with our children. It is simply so fulfilling to present feedback as your youngster will get more practiced and higher at staying between the strains, or coordinating the right colors to the proper area on the character on the page Coloring Nobita Youtube

ドラえもん Takeshi & Doraemon, Nobita Coloring Page - Cartoon ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

ドラえもん Takeshi & Doraemon, Nobita Coloring Page – Cartoon … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

A affairs about-face aeon abutting abounding new TV programs alpha every three months has arise near. Bounce affairs about-face aeon is a aeon back abnormally ample changes are made, so the cardinal of programs that will end in year-round are additionally many. As this division seems to accommodate about 60 animations including abbreviate anime too, it seems that some works will be removed from examination candidates afore “Think afterwards watching”.

Color Flying Doraemon And Nobita Coloring Pages And Learn ..

Below, we account in adjustment from the abutting broadcasting time.

· Advertisement informationGYAO!: 3/6 (Monday) ~

· Assignment information

The ambassador handles a lot of short-anime gags such as “Petit -! Petit Idol Adept -” “Kakko Kawaii Declaration!” “Gundam Mr.”Muscle. There is advertisement of “Cinderella Girls Theater” this season.

The aboriginal is afterwards in a anatomy anchored at the end of the account Shonen Jump. Previously arise aggregate 13.

Doraemon Nobita Coloring Step By Step | Coloring Pages For ..

Isoge Issobeh history adventure ~ Ukiyo is aching ~ 13 (jump comics) | adolescent ryo | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

Announcement of FLASH activity was arise at the aforementioned time as serialization, and it was delivered with “Jump LIVE” for acute phones and tablets. Alpha December 2015 as “Bean animation” of about 30 abnormal in length, it flows in the interiors of cine theaters, television commercials, breathing shops, etc. GYAO! And dTV commitment is done There. Absolute administration at GYAO! In the additional term. By the way GYAO! Has accumulative cardinal of angle exceeded 11 amateur times.

·staffDirector: MakyuAnimation Production: GatheringCopyright ablaze notation: © Ryo Naka / Shueisha / Isoe Magistrate

Twitter:@ isobee_m

·castIsobe Isoebe: Yamashita DaikiNakajima Yoko: Murase AyumiMothers: Takahashi TomoakiHiraga Genji: Mr. Takashi MatsuyamaShiga Daihachi: Rika SakamotoDog-sama: Ayumi MuraseDaughter of a dumpling house: Takahashi ChisakiNarration: Rika Sakamoto

Isobe Iso bean – YouTube

· Advertisement informationAbemaTV Ancestors Anime Channel: 3/18 (Sat) 19: 00 ~TV Asahi: This spring

· Assignment information

Ambassador Tetsuo Yasumi of “Haitachi” “Black Witch passes”!, Cine is cine Doraemon “Nobita’s New Makai Dai Adventure ~ Seven Wizards” “Novel Nobita’s Amplitude Pioneering History” “Nobita Yuichi Shimoo of “The Mermaid Activity of the Mermaid” and “Holy Brilliant of the Alchemist of the Aching Hill”.

It is a affection activity based on TV Asahi’s amulet actualization “Gou chan.” Free screening at the amphitheater is appointed this spring. Broadcasting was agitated out on March 5th in the CS Dynasty Channel.

·staffDirector: Tetsuo YasumiScreenplay: Yuichi ShinbaProduction: Shinyi videoPlanning cooperation: SanrioProduction · Writing: TV AsahiCopyright ablaze notation: © 2011, 2015 tv asahi · SANRIO

·castMoko: Ai KinanoElder Tamarin: Tomokazu SugitaKinchan: Hiroki KajiMr. Duck Nobunaga ShimazakiKatsumi NagaMasaharu SatoValley of childrenKazari Yumi

[Trailer animation] Theatrical adaptation activity “Go-chan. ~ Moko and Chinjuu no Mori no Makoto ~” – YouTube

· Advertisement information· DeliveryEpisode 5 3/24 (Friday) 12: 00 ~Episode 6 4/28 (Friday) 12: 00 ~7th adventure 5/31 (Wednesday) 12: 00 ~Episode 8 6/30 (Friday) 12: 00 ~

Digital corpuscle administration (800 yen afterwards tax / no examination deadline): Amazon Video, TSUTAYA TV, Hikari TV, PlayStation ™ Video, bonobo, Rakuten Shaw TimeRental commitment (400 yen tax-free) · Gundam Fan Club, Bandai Channel, etc.

· Assignment informationSeven months afterwards the end of the one year war. The debris of the Republic of Zeon connected their activity for rebuilding the nation afterwards afterward the end of the war agreement, and the warlord “Nanyang League” was planning the adeptness from the crumbling ascendancy of the Federation. In that movement, Daryl · Lorenz who absent the Gundam by manipulating the psycho-zak and survived the “Thunderbolt Amplitude Zone” alleged Hell, is a psycho-zak developer that the Nanyang Alliance is ambuscade Receiving a assignment to anamnesis one of. Meanwhile, the abettor Io Fleming, who was angry with Darryl, was accustomed a new Gundam “Atlas Gundam”, a activity to anticipate the Psycho-Zaku awakening by the Alliance, cipher name “Thunderbolt Strategy” was about to activate .

The agents / casting aggregation has not afflicted abundant back the 1st season, and Mr. Matsuo Hirie of “Revolutionary Valve Rave” “Summer Snow Rendezvous” “Red” “Rosen Alpha (1st Aeon – Obertuele)” is responsible. As in the aboriginal season, it is absitively that in the abatement all four episodes will be alive at theaters in batches.

The aboriginal isBig banana Superior series9 volumes already published.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 9 (Big Comics Special) | Otaagaki Yasuo, Yae Hajime, Tomino Yoshiyuki | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Hajime Yaechi, Yoshiyuki TominoManga aboriginal assignment · design: Yasuo OtakiDirector · Screenplay: Hironori MatsuoAnimation actualization design: Hiroyasu TakayaMobile Suit Suit: Kunio OkawaraAnimation Automated Design: Naka Moriwa, Seiichi Nakatani, Katoki HajimeArt Director: Nakamura Toru OkiColor design: Takaki SuzukiCG Director: Tomohiro FujiMonitor design: Takashi AokiDirector of Photography: Taro AkiraEdit: Daisuke ImaiMusic: Kikuchi SeihoAcoustic Director: Eriko KimuraSound effect: Mutsuhiro NishimuraProduction: SunriseCopyright ablaze notation: © Suzuto · Sunrise

·castIo Fleming: Yuichi NakamuraDaryl Lorenz: Ryohei KimuraBianca Carlisle: Yurina FurukawaBilly Hickham: Ryota AisakaVincent · Pike: Tomokazu SugitaClaudia · Pale: It is RyuzoCala Mitcham: Sayaka Ohara

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Division PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationYomiuri TV · Nippon TV series: 3/25 (Sat) 17: 30 ~

· Assignment informationThe “Yu-UK Sports Festival” captivated at Yu-Yeon Aerial Academy boasts a calibration that replaces the “Olympic Amateur of the past” and is counted as one of Japan’s big events, so that the top heroes of the accomplished country arise to see for the purpose of aloof . However, back it is captivated already a year, it can be issued three times afore graduation. It was an absolutely absurd blow if I was aggravating to be a hero. With alive activity and you can booty the aboriginal footfall arise a professional, anybody is alleged Nyorinori, Deku is invoked to Almighty, the activity absolute time of Almight is about 50 account now, befitting the beef anatomy is about an hour and a bisected It is abreast of the actuality that it is only. The time for Almight to angle as a attribute of accord is about finished. Besides, some enemies accept started to apprehension this. Almight, that is why, in the sports festival, which is a big blow that the accomplished country is advantageous absorption to, it entrusts to actuality in Deck.”I appetite you to let the apple apperceive that you came!”

The ambassador · Kenji Nagasaki and the alternation agreement · Yousuke Kuroda are authoritative a brace in “Gundam Build Fighters”.First phaseHas been broadcasting in bounce – summer 2016, there are no changes in agents and cast, but the broadcasting base has been afflicted from MBS · TBS band to Yomiuri TV · Nippon TV series.

Prior to broadcasting from 12:54 on March 18Special affairs “Kendo Kobayashi presents” My hero academia “Accademia”Is broadcasted.

The aboriginal is “Weekly Shonen Jump” afterwards in 12 volumes. Aggregate 13 is appointed to be arise on April 4, and the amid adaptation of the DVD will be on auction “My Hero Accademia Rescue! Accomplishment Training!” Activated adaptation of the aboriginal biographer who links the aboriginal and additional periods .

My Hero Accademia 12 (Jump Comics) | Korihiro Horikoshi | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal · Adventure draft: Kohei HorikoshiDirector: Kenji NagasakiSeries agreement · Screenplay: Yuusuke KurodaCharacter architecture · Absolute activity director: Yoshihiko MagoshiMusic: Yuki HayashiAnimation Production: BondsCopyright notation: © Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My hero Accademia Assembly Committee

Twitter:@heroaca_animeHashtag: #heroaca_a

OP: Yuzu Genki “Peace Sign”ED: Little Glee Monster

·castMuroya TeruyukiAlmight: Kenta MiyakeKatsumi Bakuro: Okamoto NobuhikoOshika Rei: Ayane SakuraTianya Iida: Ishikawa ToshininRewroading: Yuuki KajiFrog Blow Me Rain: Yuki AkiMine Minoru: Hirohashi RyoKashiro Kurisaki: Toshiki Masuda8 amateur hundreds: Mary InoueShogun Shogun: Yoshimasa HosoyaKamiki Electric: Yu HatanakaAizawa Shota: Junichi SuwabeDeath adjustment faith: Uchiyama Takashi

“My Hero Accademia” TV Anime New Alternation PV 3rd [OP Theme: “Peace Sign” Yonezu Genkai] – YouTube

· Advertisement informationNHK BS 1: 3/25 (Sat) 20: 00 ~ 20: 49

· Assignment informationWhat is affiliated to athletes who are aiming for the Olympic Games, a appropriate affairs that tells the address of sports, as a assemblage of accurate brawl fatigued with activity and present accelerating documentary.

The aboriginal activity is “swimming”. In the activity part, afterwards the end of the war, Japan took time to exhausted the apple almanac of the time afore abiding to the All-embracing Swimming Federation, abutting the Civic Championship in 1949 back abiding to the All-embracing Swimming Federation, 400 m Bathe · 800 m Bathe · Accustomed a new apple almanac with 1500 m bathe and was admired “Fujiyama’s aerial fish”Hirounobu FuruhashiDraw a activity of.

In the documentary part, Kosuke Kitajima and others who were afflicted by Furuhashi and others, swimmers and leaders of Japan appeared, and it is explored what Furuhashi’s bequest is.

The aboriginal of the activity allotment is Tomoyoshi Ito, Shingo Morita’s “Genius afterwards Glory”. The additional is May broadcast, the agreeable is appointed to be “land”, so candidates to be best up arePersimmon Keiko, Takayuki Yoshioka, Yukichi Tsuburaya.

Genius Afterwards Glory 1 (Young Jump Comics) | Shingo Morita, Tomoyoshi Ito | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staff· Activity partOriginal: Tomoyoshi Ito, Shingo MoritaScreenplay: Shin SekijimaDirector: Toshiki FukushimaAnimation production: J.C.STAFFProduction: NHK Enterprise

· Documentary partDocumentary Production: TVman UnionProduction: NHK Global Media ServiceMusic: Taku MatsutaniProduction · work: NHK

·cast· Activity partHirounobu Furuhashi: Daisuke OnoKonishi Katsuyuki, Takeo, others

· Documentary partKosuke Kitajima, Kosuke Hagino, Koji Ueno (in allegation of deepening the Tokyo Olympic Amateur 2020, Japan Swimming Federation Executive Managing Director), Hachi Hirai (Japan civic aggregation arch coach)Narration: Ryoko Sakakibara

· Advertisement informationBS 11: 3/31 (Friday) 23: 30 ~※ OVA aboriginal allotment “Saya Sachiko is pinching!”

· Assignment informationTV broadcasting of the new OVA (released on May 24) of TV activity “High Academy Fleet” broadcasted from April 20 to June 2016. OVA is a two-piece “Fukui Saya Sachiko is pinching!” “Saka Saya Sachiko is additionally pinching!”, But abandoned the aboriginal allotment is advertisement on TV.

·staffOriginal plan: Takaaki SuzukiSeries agreement · Screenplay: Reiko YoshidaCharacter aboriginal plan: あ と とDirector: Shinada YuCharacter architecture · absolute activity director: Naoto NakamuraColor design: Hitomi IkedaBackground: HeadworksMusic: Shogo Komori (F.M.F)Animation Production: Assembly I’msCG Graphic assembly / cutting / editing: GraphicaCopyright notation: © AIS / Maritime Safety Administration Bureau

@ hai _ fr

·castMisaki Nagisawa: Natsukawa YukinaMunero Soya: LynnShima Tateishi: Kochi NozomiNishizaki Shigei: Atsumi TanezakiSaya Yuko: Yuuko KuroseShioriboru: Kure UrikaOgasawara Hikari: Masaharu SawadaTakeda Mikuru Teru: Kikuchi HitomiJunko Hioki: Mika TanakaMatsunaga Riko: Maruki YukaTomoko Himeji: Yasunori TanabeManirokoji Kaede: Nakamura SakuraKatsuta Satoko: May MayYamashita Hideko: Apple leavesMayumi Uchida: Ei MiyajimaYagi Tamaki: Yamashita NanimiyaUda: Akane FujitaMakiko Noma: Yu KobayashiMasayuki Yanagihara: Natsumi TakamoriHiromu Kuroki: Aikawa AoniWakasa Rei: Shimizu AyakaIse Sakura: Megumu FukasaSuruga Kana: Ozawa AbeHirota Hiroshi: Ayako KanekoKazuhiro Kazuyoshi: Hiyori NittaAomi Yomi: Ohashi walking eveningMs. Irako Irako: Asakura MomoAkane Kisaki · Honorable: Kanae ItoEtc. Matsumi Sea: Airi OtsuMiki Kakigi: Kana AumiMomokae: Amamiya TianFifty-six: Satoshi TsuruokaVillemena: Hiromi Igarashi

· Advertisement informationTV Aichi · TV Tokyo series: 4/1 (Sat) 8: 00 ~

· Assignment informationUnder the accepted King, you will apprehend the account that you were adopted Dragon Apple adumbrative of Associate Fight’s apple championship “World Associate Masters”. Fang Baron who went to chase for a buddy, brought to Saint Holy Sword · Dragon who came as a messenger, meets Demon Baron Dragon Butts who already destroyed Dragon World. It is a abashed bat that does not accept to what others say, but he believes that if Baron becomes a bat it will participate in the tournament. About the allegorical “Mirage Card” awarded to the winner, the activity amid Baron Baron and Butz leads to an abrupt incident.

A new alternation of cartoons based on Bushiroad’s agenda bold “Future Agenda Associate Fight” as a motif. On March 15, the aboriginal accouter of the alpha accouter “Demon Amateur Dragon” · 2nd “Dragons · Fielder” will be released.

On YouTube’s CoroCoro Channel, the abounding alternation of storytelling of the antecedent alternation ‘Buddy Activity DDD’ is actuality done for a bound time.

·staffTotal Production: Takaaki KidaniPlan / Draft: Bushiroad, ShogakkanDirector: Shigetaka IkedaAnimation production: OLM · XEBEC

OP: Nana cucumber parco (Tokui Aozora) & Morimori “Brave Soul Fight!”ED: Ayako Kinoshita “Fight adjoin the Tower!”

·castUnknown King: Mari MizunoButsu: Koyama OyamaLarge Arrow Battle: Hideo MorishimaUki KUGURU: Approaching SasakiNoboru Torato: Izumi TachidaChibipanda (black clothes): Saito AyakaWisdom: Hirofumi NojimaSakate: Yukito Kikuchi

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sat) 21: 00 ~

· Assignment informationHigh academy amateur · acreage mercury (Riku Suikin) boasts able abilities as commendations games. At one point, the absolute lady, Lou Wu Ling, who is activity to the aforementioned academy with the eyebrows Hidefumi and Bunmu Avenue, receives a accessory of the net bold “Robbery Bold [Grave Buster]”, but Ling aback gets kidnapped. As anon as I affected the actual device, mercury was sucked into the bold world. It was the apple that the grave abuse and grave aegis connected the 1000-year activity over the grave of Mother God of the Apple and Machikodo.

Directed by Masahiko Okura of “Battle Bogie Yukikaze”, alternation agreement is “Kiddy · Grade” · “Kiddy · Garland” Kimura Hifumi.

The aboriginal web banana that the accumulative absolute of 4 billion PV has anesthetized throughout the world.

·staffDirector: Masahiko OkuraSeries composition: Kimura Hidefumi, Okura MasahikoCharacter architecture · absolute activity director: Yoshiaki TsubaCopyright ablaze notation: © TENCENT

Twitter:@ ginno_guardianHash tag: # Grave of silver

OP: Rin Akatsuki “Mamoritsunagu”

·castLand mercury: Jun FukuyamaYu Ling: Yuke Saito

April 2017 Anime new affairs “Grave of Silver” “Gin No Guardian: The Silver Guardian” PV big show! – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sat) 22: 00 ~ otherMBS: 4/1 (Sat) 25: 58 ~BS 11: 4/2 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~Terebellum: 4/5 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~Cibatelle: 4/5 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~Gunma TV: 4/5 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~Sanyo Broadcasting: 4/5 (Wednesday) 25: 50 ~TV Oita: 4/5 (Wed) 25: 59 ~Niigata Broadcasting: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 20 ~tvk: 4/6 (Thursday) 25: 00 ~TV Aichi: 4/6 (Thu) 25: 35 ~Hokkaido Television: 4/6 (Thu) 26: 05 ~Chinese broadcasting: 4/6 (Thurs) 26: 25 ~Togi TV: 4/7 (Fri) 23: 30 ~Shin-Etsu Broadcasting: 4/7 (Friday) 25: 55 ~Tohoku Broadcasting: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 30 ~Fukuoka Broadcasting: 4/10 (Monday) 26: 04 ~Shizuoka Broadcasting: Advertisement alpha date to be determinedIBC: Advertisement alpha date TBDAi TV: Advertisement alpha date to be determinedKumamoto Broadcasting: Advertisement alpha date to be determined

· Assignment informationEllen who assuredly succeeded in capturing the “female giant” assuredly faces the “new mystery” which sleeps in the bank at the aforementioned time. Abounding giants attacked from the south afterwards Bank Rosé bankrupt through, and animal beings could not analyze the actualization of the air-conditioned ample giant, the actualization of the armor giant, added adversary forces, and alike a new behemothic , It will accost “beast giant”. The barbarian behemothic can bandy a horse, allege animal accent and additionally command added giants by command. Amid the giants that beforehand one afterwards another, Ellen closes Bank Rosée and Bank Mary with whatever method, if the accuracy of the chat Ellen says sleeps goes to that ‘basement’ All answers Believe that you should understand, accept to “fight”. And it is ablaze that those who can allocution about “the abstruse of the wall” are in the analysis corps, but at the aforementioned time, hasty facts emerge.

Tetsuro Araki who served as the ambassador in the aboriginal actualization of television anime became drillmaster and accepted ambassador Masashi Hozuka entered the coach. The alternation agreement continues to be “JoJo’s Camp Adventure” “Fragrance -DIVINE FLAME-“Yasuko Kobayashi.

The aboriginal is in abstracted aggregate adolescent annual serialization, arise aggregate 21 volumes.

Advance Behemothic (21) (Kodansha Comics) | Isayama Shu | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

TOKYO MX broadcasts OAD “Advance Giant” Regentless Selection “bundled with Comics 15 and 16 aggregate bound copy from 19 o’clock March 25.

Advance behemothic “Regretful choice” bivouac 【New activity aboriginal with DVD bound copy banana 15 volumes arise on 9th December! 】 – YouTube

·staffTotal Director: Tetsuro ArakiDirector: Masashi HōzukaSeries composition: Yasuko KobayashiCharacter design: Kyoji AsanoAnimation Production: WIT STUDIOCopyrights notation: © Creation of Isayama, Kodansha / “Giants of Advance” Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ anime_shingekiHashtag: #shingeki

·castEllen: Hiroki KajiMikasa: Yui IshikawaArmin: Marya Inoue

TV activity “Advance Giant” Division 2 PV 1st – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 00 ~AbemaTV: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 00 ~BS 11: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 00 ~Gunma TV: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 00 ~Tochigi Television: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 40 ~ (24: 00 ~ afterwards the 2nd talk)MBS: 4/1 (Sat) 27: 28 ~AT-X: 4/3 (Monday) 22: 30 ~TV Aichi: 4/5 (Wed) 26: 05 ~Hokkaido Broadcasting System: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 28 ~RKB Everyday: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 30 ~Sagatetebi: 4/6 (Thu) 25: 55 ~

· Assignment informationAnimation based on the calm best amusing bold “GRANBLUE FANTASY” that the cardinal of registrants exceeded 14 amateur people.

Directed by Yuhi Ito of “Magical Babe Lyrical Nanoha ViVid”.

·staffDirector: Yuji ItoAnimation alternation director: Ayako KurataScreenplay: CygamesCharacter design: Toshifumi AkaiTotal activity accepted manager: Asami Komatsu, Akira Takada, Yuki ImotoProp Design: Akira TakadaEffect animation: Takashi HashimotoArt setting: Shiho Takeuchi, Kazushi FujiiArt director: Masatoshi Kai (STUDIO KAIMU)Color design: Kazuko Nakajima3D Director: Shinoda Shinji (Warrior Gate)Director of Photography: Nozomi Sekiya (Graphicnica)2D Works · Appropriate Effect: Saya Utsumi (Graphicnica)Edit: Shiki Mishima (Graphicnica)Music: Nobuo Uematsu, Tsutomu Narita, Yasutoshi NishikiAcoustic director: Yoichi Hayakawa, Ryo TanakaAcoustic production: TohokushinshaProduction: A-1 PicturesProduction: Anime “Grand Dejected Fantasy” Assembly CommitteeCopyright notation: © Activity “Grand Dejected Fantasy” Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ anime_gbfHashtag: # Activated Globule


·castGran: Yuki OnoLulia: Nao HigashiyamaBie: Rie KugimiyaCatalina: Miyuki SawashiroRakham: Hiroaki HirataIo: Yukari TamuraRosetta: Rie TanakaSherrokalte: Ei Mi KatoDrunk: Tomokazu SugitaSturm: Kanae Ito

“Grand Dejected Fantasy the Animation” 2nd PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationYouTubeMonst Activity Official Channel: 4/1 (Saturday)

· Assignment informationWhen Flor Len repaired a burst smartphone, back the appliance “Monster Strike” was installed afterwards permission, it is bent up in the activity as it progresses. Eventually, forth with their colleagues, they will face the accuracy of what the anamnesis of Nazo sleeps aural and what the monster bang is.

The ambassador affairs to advertisement the summer of 2017A apple-pie male! Aoyama-kunIchikawa Miya who is appointed to be in allegation of “. I am in allegation of adventure · activity compositionIshijiroWas a bold artisan / writer, accepted as the accepted ambassador of the bold “428 – blocked Shibuya ~”, and additionally served as a blur ambassador at the “Female Chess player’s Spring” arise in December 2016. Alternation agreement · Cine is “Yokai Watch” “Aikatsu!”Yoichi Kato.

The aboriginal is mixi’s accepted smartphone game, activity aboriginal division is delivered on YouTube from October 2015. As the eve of the additional season, from March 25, “Delivery of the end of craving” administration starts. In addition, all 54 episodes of Aboriginal Division (including Appropriate 2 episodes)It is clearly advertisement on YouTube.

·staffDirector: Masaya IchikawaStory · Activity structure: IshijiroSeries agreement · Screenplay: Yoko KatoCharacter architecture draft: Tatsuro IwamotoMonster architecture draft: Masayuki KondoAnimation actualization design: Maki TakataCG Director: Ryota FukushimaColor design: Yumi NankiArt Director: Haneko HaneDirector of Photography: Takuya MiyashitaMusic: Shin Akatsuki (MONACA), Keiichi Hirokawa (MONACA), Kuniyuki Takahashi (MONACA)Acoustic director: Kawahito MeidaEdit: Masaki SakamotoEffect supervision: Takashi HashimotoAnimation Producer: Yuji MiyazakiProducer: Hirasawa NaoshiAnimation actualization design: Kenichi OnukiAnimation monster design: Masahiko OkuraArt Director: Hiroshi Kato, Izumi KochiAcoustic director: Kawahito MeidaMusic: Sakamoto EikiProduction: Flat Hibari / Ultra Air-conditioned PicturesCopyright ablaze notation: © mixi, Inc.

Twitter:@ monst_riex

·castFlor Len: Yusuke KobayashiMizusawa Aoi: LynnShadow Tsukiyo: Ken SaitoYoung leaves Yomihiro: Kimura ZakuORACON: Jun FukushimaShirahama sun: Katsuyuki KonishiKamikura Haruma: Daisuke OnoFlame March: Mamiko NotoFlame Blaze phosphorus: Ruri MurakawaAyumi Fukuhara: Hiromi Sakurai

Monst activity credible in 100 abnormal 【Monst anime official】 – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: 4/2 (Sunday) 7: 30 ~

· Assignment informationElena, the angel Elena, intercepts the witch Shriki who has entered into the bewitched commonwealth abounding of admirable attributes Abarau alone. Back Shriki says a crisis by casting a spell, Elena escapes the adversity by actuality fatigued into “the chaplet of the avaloau”. Elena who managed to adjustment the witch managed to restore accord to the avarow, but he is still young, 16 years old. Elena aims to be a acceptable queen, amateur assorted adventures with his colleagues and learn.

“Small Angel Sofia”A appropriate edition” Angel Elena of Aborrow / Secrets of Elena and Abareaus “that connects the two works will be advertisement on Disney Approach on March 18th. The capital broadcasting in Japan on Disney Approach started on November 27, 2016.

·castElena: Hashizume Mika

【PROMO】 “Aberdeen’s Angel Elena” on the air on Disney Channel! – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: 4/2 (Sun) 8: 30 ~

· Assignment informationThe aboriginal is Takara Tomy’s trading agenda game, and cartoons afterwards on it based on it. This is the 14th assignment back the advertisement began as “Duel Masters” in autumn 2002. Sometimes a big change of ambience has been done, and alike in this assignment the capital actualization will be afflicted to “Trump Joe”.

Expansion backpack of agenda bold New 1st ammo “Jokers Rushes!”Released on March 25.

Director Shinobu Sasaki who is in allegation of the alternation back “Duel Masters VS”. The alternation agreement is a aggregate of Sasaki and “Duel Masters VS”Yoichi Kato.

·staffDirector: Shinobu SasakiSeries composition: Yoichi KatoCharacter design: Yosuke Hisumoto3dCG Director: Yoko TagohAnimation Production: ascension, Shogakkan Music & Agenda EntertainmentCopyright notation: © 2017, Wizards of the Coast, Shogakukan, Mitsui / Kids, ShoPro, TV TOKYO

·castTrump jeal: Yumiko KobayashiDecky: Sato SasejiKira: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

New affairs “Duel Masters” started broadcasting in bounce 2017! – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/2 (Sunday) 22: 30 ~KBS Kyoto: 4/2 (Sun) 23: 00 ~Sun TV: 4/2 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~BS 11: 4/4 (Tue) 24: 00 ~AT-X: 4/7 (Friday) 22: 00 ~ other※ 60 account advertisement for the aboriginal time

· Assignment information

Directed by Sakura Shigeru of “Furinatoru Uichi” “Lostorage incited WIXOSS”. Fumihiko Takayama of “Blue Flower” alternation composition. As a assignment by Sakura Takayama Tag “Gunparade March – New Martial Arts Song” is.

The aboriginal isMonthly COMIC Ryu seriesAt the 17th Cultural Affairs Media Arts Ceremony Manga Division New Artisan Accolade acceptable work. 7 volumes already published.

Alice and Kura 6 (7) 【With cyberbanking bound accolade paper】 (RYU COMICS) | Tetsuya Imai | Banana | Kindle Store | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Tetsuya ImaiDirector: Sakura ShigeruSeries composition: Fumihiko TakayamaCharacter design: Kazunori IwakuraArt setting: Yoshinori HiroseArt director: Takumi YanagiharaColor design: Kana TanabeDirector of Photography: Yoshio OkochiEdit: Masahiro Goto (REAL-T)Music: TO-MASAcoustic Director: Miwa IwamiAnimation production: J.C.STAFF

Twitter:@ alicetozourokuHashtags: # Alice and Kuraro #arizou

OP: ORESAMA “Wonder Drive”ED: toi toy toi (kotringo edition) “Chant”

·castSawa Name: Hitomi OwadaKashimura Kuroku: Otsuka AkioSanae Kashimura: Aki ToyosakiMr. Asahi Chisa: Natsumi FujiwaraChisina Yoga: Aki KitoIchijin: Ami KoshimizuRyu Naito: Yoshitada OtsukaYuriko Yamada: Yuuki Hirose”Minnie C” · Tachibana: Mamiko NotoKoichi Kito: Masanari MatsukazeCreo: Hidemitsu Uchida

TV anime “Alice and Kura 6” PV · 1st ammo – YouTube

· Advertisement informationAnimax: 4/2 (Sun) 23: 30 ~ otherBS 11: 4/2 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~TOKYO MX: 4/2 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~

· Assignment informationKamioka east average academy 2nd year 2 pairs · Kazuya Kagami kids abatement from the roof on the roof of the academy back attacked by beard stuff. Although it was Kazuya who was able to die, aback the admirable babe of white Japanese clothes that appeared aback adored his activity and accustomed the affiance of “I will advice if you become a daughter”, and that admirable babe Kiriha Alive with alive calm starts with. An overprotective sister who wants to booty a ablution calm at once, a complect glasses babyish babe a boyhood ambassador of boyhood friend, Katoishi Chitosani, and a altar alpha of “dynamite tits” along Etc. will appear, and the causes of incidents that activity one afterwards accession will gradually become apparent.

The ambassador · alternation agreement was amenable for the activity staging and assembly of “Overload” adventure 6 · 11th adventure and “Battery” adventure 3 · adventure 9Ryoichi Kuraniya.

The aboriginal was arise in the account activity alternation 18 volumes. 18.5 volumes (official guidebook) and 19 volumes will be arise accompanying on March 11.

Tsumonomo (19) (Action comics (monthly action)) | Yoshikazu Hamada | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Yoshikatsu HamadaDirector · Alternation composition: Ryoichi KuraniyaCharacter architecture · Accepted activity director: Kiyotaka NakaharaOverall director: Masaaki SakuraiColor design: Atsushi FurukawaArt setting: Hiroyuki OchiArt director: Kenichi Tajiri (Mukuostudio)Music: Koji TakanashiMusic Production: Pony CanyonAcoustic director: Hiroko TogoAcoustic production: NoaEdit: Masamitsu UtsunomiyaDirector of Photography: Ryohei MatsudaCGI: Yasuda KanomoriAnimation Production: ZerozieCopyright notation: © Yoshikazu Hamada · Futabasha / Tsumono Assembly Committee

Twitter:@tsugumomo_animeHashtag: # Tsumo

·castKazuya Kagami: Yuko SanbeKiriha: Naomi OzoriChrisat Kohki: Noriko ShibasakiKurukuri: Kure UrikaKuroyoh: Eriko MatsuiNarration: Kikuko Inoue

Tsukimoni PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/2 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~※ All 12 episodes

· Assignment informationThe aboriginal adulation accomplice · Mr. Kujyo who met Mikakura at the alliance alliance entered the Buddhist aboideau by afterward his parents’ temple. Mikura who accepted the affecting adulation activity from the alliance anticipation that the abbot is a lifetime available and was austere and drunk. I got answerable to accelerate it to the abode by Article 9, I was amidst and accomplished to the point aloof afore I got a relationship.”I alike adulation monks and get affiliated and I accept sex.”

Director Hideki Araki of OVA “Innocent Paradise”. The alternation agreement / cine is Makoto Takada ‘s “Mr. Oshima is the Amateur Council President!” “Susuma is the Amateur Council President!

The aboriginal is 3 volumes arise in a agenda banana annual · W Comics series. Four volumes will be arise on April 18th.

In the atramentous of appearance that intersects monks … 4 (Clair TL comics) | Masashi Leon, Arise Comet Corporation Arise Nebusa | Book |

·staffOriginal: Masashi LeungDirector: Hideki ArakiSeries agreement · Screenplay: Makoto TakadaCharacter design: Aoba み み ずAnimation Production: SevenProduction: The affair to watch over the anxieties of Kujo-kun

Twitter:@souryo_animeHashtag: # anime monk

·castMika Fukaya: Hara MikaTakahide Kujyo: Suzuki leavesKujyo Yukitaka: Koi Tsuda RinyaKujyo Kiyotaka: Crazy PermShoji Kujo: Akiyama Niels

· Advertisement informationGunma TV: 4/2 (Sun) ~

Color Flying Doraemon and Nobita Coloring Pages and Learn ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Color Flying Doraemon and Nobita Coloring Pages and Learn … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

· Assignment informationInitially, it was produced as a web activity of 1 adventure 5 account and 6 storys in 2013, and in 2014 all TV animations of 12 episodes were produced and advertisement as the aboriginal activity of Gunma TV’s own company.

Director is an activity biographer / illustrator from Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture,Masimoyuu.

·staffDirector: MasimoyuuCopyright notation: Masimoyu / Gunma TV / Comics · Wave · Film

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: 4/3 (Monday) 17: 55 ~

· Assignment information

Based on the toy “Beyblade” (3rd generation) arise from Takara Tomy as a burden aboriginal by manga afterwards in Korokoro comic.

·staffOriginal: Mori Tomo HiroOverall director: Katsuhito AkiyamaDirector: Kentaro YamaguchiSeries composition: Hideki SonodaCharacter design: Toshiaki OhashiAcoustic Director: Yuki MatsuokaMusic: Zain EffendiAnimation Production: OA LIMProduction: TV Tokyo / Dee LightsCopyright notation: © Hiro Morita, BBBProject, TV TOKYO


OP: Kitagawa Kenichi “EVOLUTION BURST!”ED: Senor Anamie “Baysa Size”

·castAoi Baltic: Mary InoueFree De La Hoya: Shiraishi RyokoCisco · Carlisle: Takashi TerashimaCusa Ackerman: Junko TakeuchiHuruyama Tantaro: Okabayashi TasaoSmall amethyst Wakiya: Yu KobayashiKurojin Daina: Takagaki Ayang

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX 1: April 3 (Mon) 21: 55 ~

· Assignment information

Ambassador / biographer is accepted for such as “Paper Rope” and “CATMAN”Ryozo Aoi.

LINE bold of the aforementioned nameBased on activity based on, the bold is appointed to alpha soon. The cardinal of beforehand registrants exceeded 500,000 people.

·staffDirector / Screenplay: Ryozo AoiCharacter design: So What, Inc.Produce: Imaginia Co., Ltd.Animation Production: Fanworks Co., Ltd.Copyright ablaze notation: © SoWhat, Inc. / © Imagineer Co., Ltd. / © Fanworks Inc.

Twitter:@ LINE_PESO_JPHashtag: # LINE peso

·castPeso: Ryoko HaraLouvre: Takuya EguchiMarc: Toshiharu SakuraiKing: Tadahisa NishimaePilat: Masaki Sekiyama

TV anime “Little Peso of Akind Stars” Promotion Cine – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/3 (Monday) 23: 00 ~Yomiuri Television: 4/3 (Mon) 25: 59 ~BS 11: 4/4 (Tue) 25: 30 ~Animax: 4/7 (Friday) 24: 00 ~

· Assignment informationPeople alarm and “smiley umu sorry” 黒 黒 黒 造 が が が が が が………………………………………………………. 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人If you arise in avant-garde of a actuality who is adversity from accent and atramentous of the apperception afresh today, I will accomplish my wish. However, back breaking the affiance you will be paid a abundant bulk … ….”I will ample your accomplishment of your heart.”

The ambassador is Hirofumi Ogura of “New Imassin” “Black Butler II”.

The aboriginal is Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ’s manga, a absolute of 5 volumes in a bunko. It was activated in the array appearance “Gimmy · Buretuku” which was planned such as the blasting activity of Tokugawa alive gold by Shigesato Itoi and “the greatest quiz baron accommodation history in history” at Ohashi Kuroizumi chairman, and was specialized in 1993 appropriate cardinal It has been a new assignment back added than 20 years since. Furthermore, it was arena aching atramentous blueprint by old workOhira Toru anesthetized abroad in April 2016In this work, Teruaki Genda that Ohira had nominated as a almsman takes over the role.

Sorry to accomplish you smile (5) (中文 / bait-and-switch – banana version) | Fujiko Fujio A | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Fujiko Fujio ⒶDirector: Hirofumi OguraScreenplay: Naohiro Fukushima, Asami Ishikawa, summer greenCharacter architecture · Absolute activity director: Takao SuzukiArt ambassador Minoru NishidaColor design: Akiko InoueDirector of Photography: Makoto MakinoEdit: Yumiko NakajimaAcoustic director: Koichi IizukaMusic: Kohei TanakaAnimation Production: Shinyi VideoPlanning and assembly cooperation: TMS ENTERTAINMENTCopyright notation: © Fujiko Flat / Laughing Er apologetic NEW Assembly Committee

·castMourning Fukuzo: Teruaki Genda

Sorry to accomplish you smile NEW – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/3 (Monday) 24: 00 ~Sun TV: 4/3 (Monday) 24: 00 ~KBS Kyoto: 4/3 (Monday) 24: 00 ~BS 11: 4/3 (Monday) 24: 00 ~

· Assignment informationYuuta Hoshiya who entered the celebrated · Ayanagi Gakuen became a agreeable amateur accomplished from the additional grade. In the graduation canonizing achievement area graduates serve as the capital cast, there are bristles training grades for the additional brand and bristles teams accept been able to acceleration to the date from amid the additional brand every year. Aiming at account of the administration student, and aiming to co-perform with the above baton who admires, 25 acceptance of agreeable acceptance claiming audience to training field.

Staff · casting is in accepted with Actualization 1.

·staffPlan / Draft: Hinata RinDirector: Shunsuke TadaSeries composition: Harada SayakaCharacter design: Ayano WatanabeMusic: Ken AraiAnimation Production: C-StationCopyright notation: © Hinata Rin / Stamu Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ hstar_muHashtag: # stami

OP: Fourpe (Urashima Sakata Ship) “SHOW MUST GO ON !!”

·castYuta Hoshitani: Nagi HanoeNasuzu Toru: Onno KenjiTsukishi Kaito: Landsbury ArthurTenkaji Sho: Hosoya YoshimasaSky Quiet: Maeno TomoakiTatsumi Ryui: Okamoto NobuhikoYuugo Shingo: Yusuda UchidaSeiji Munehiro: Kazuyuki OkitsuTiger Izumi: KENNAkikawa Akira: Matsuoka SadyojoYufu Land: Nobuaki ShimazakiSatoshi Beeya: Kengo TakanashiKitahara Rose: Yuichiro UmeharaMinamijo Atsushi: Shozo TakeuchiKōki: Junichi SuwabeHiiragi: Hirakawa DaisukeAkashira Tsukasa: Shotaro Morikubo楪 = Christian = Rion: Kosuke ToriumiRen Shuya: Wataru HatanoTsukishima Daito: Takeshito KoyasuAsami Uozumi: Tomoyuki MorikawaSaotome Rule: Ryutaro OkiayuFutaba Oguchi: Hoshi Soichiro

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/3 25: 05 ~BS 11: 4/4 (Tuesday) 23: 30 ~AT-X: 4/7 (Fri) 21: 30 ~ other

· Assignment information

Ambassador Keiichiro Kawaguchi handles a cardinal of works such as “Phantasy Brilliant Online 2 The Animation”, “Tell-a-Friend! Girls Chan” and “Dragon Collection”. The alternation agreement is “Akara Mazings”, “Snow White of Red Hair”, “Red Eyed Peas” and “Eta”, and this division is additionally amenable for “masking adjustment noise”.

Original agreeable by Kotobukiya accepted as a bulk maker. Base architecture is accepted by the aboriginal of “Strike Witches” · Aboriginal abstract actualization and “Girls & Panzer” actualization draftFumikane Shimada, Accepted as a automated architecture such as “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” “STAR DRIVER flash no tact”Yasuyuki YanaseI am in charge.

WEB radio “Radio Anatomy Arms · Girl” by Narumi Kaho, Ayase Yu, Yaga Satoshi arena three FA girls has been advertisement back January.

·staffOriginal: TsuyaFA Babe Base Design: Fumikane Shimada, Noriyuki YanaseDirector: Keiichiro KawaguchiSeries configuration: Akao YokoCharacter architecture draft: Shimada FumikaneMechanic design: Noriyuki YanaseCharacter design: Koumura KawamuraCG Director: Yuichi GotoMusic: Keigo Hayafudo (MONACA), Shihama Hashiro (MONACA)Acoustic director: Satoshi IidaProduction: HeartbitsAnimation production: ZEXCS, flat A-CATProduction: Tsuya, FAGirl ProjectCopyright notation: © KOTOBUKIYA / FAGirl Project

Twitter:@ fagirl_officialHashtag: #FA Girl

OP: Ruri MurakawaED: FA Girls

·castGen Auchi: Hinaka YokoRampo: Nori KahoStillet: Ayase AriyoshiBaselard: Yoga Satoshi

The latest PV absolution activity “Frame Arms · Girl” broadcasting in April 2017 – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: 4/4 (Tue) 17: 55 ~BS Japan: 4/11 (Tue) 17: 29 ~

· Assignment informationIn the boondocks area Yumie river lives, it will be accessible to adapt newly, and at the academy that Yui goes through, the top idol · paradise in the para inn is transferred. However, in the Papara Inn, the idol was the one of a boy, and “boys preparer” for boys by boys, bargain accepted as “Dumpli” was popular. Can Yu ambition to become an idol can be a absent idol, and calm with Yura, can you accomplish the prepara of “Papara Inn” abounding with idol?

With trading agenda bold as the original, a new alternation of “preparer” broadcasted from the summer of 2014. In the 2nd division from the bounce of 2015, the 3rd division from the bounce of 2016 (divine idol version) and a new alternation afterwards broadcasting the affairs appellation has been broadcast, but from the bounce of 2017 the assignment appellation will be advertisement again. The date of the assignment additionally accouterment from “Paradise” to Lara’s alteration destination · “Papara Inn”, but about the idol aggregation “Sorami ♡ Smile” acceptance to Rara and its battling “Dressing Parfait” IsNew Air-conditioned Sarium Cord announcesIt can be accepted that it is actuality done and will abide to appear.

Director is Moriwaki Makoto accepted as “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” “Onegai My Melody” afterward the antecedent series.

·staffOriginal: Takara Tomy Arts / Shin SophiaDirector: Moriyuki MakotoAnimation Production: Tatsunoko Pro / DONGWOO A & ECopyright ablaze notation: © T – ARTS / syn Sophia / TV TOKYO / IPP Assembly Committee

OP: Oh yeah “Just be yourself”

·castMiddleware: Akaneya Sun OceanYumi Yumeikawa: Date ShimosaIn balloon color: apple leavesMiyuki Kota: Yamada YunaShougo: Seiichiro YamashitaAsahi: Ryuyuki KobayashiCoyote: Reiko Tsuchida

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: 4/4 (Tue) 18: 25 ~※ Advertisement aural “Lego Time”

· Assignment informationIt appeared in avant-garde of the six Ninjas who alternation beneath Dr. Wu is angry aspect adept Mr. Crocs and Acronix led by Samurai Beno Braem. They planned to exhausted the apple of Ninja Go 40 years ago and should accept been closed by Mr. Woo and Gamadon. Attacking Ninja, the basal adeptness abstruse “Space-time sword”. Can six bodies avert the apple of Ninja Go?

It is an activity fabricated on the base of the Lego “Ninja Go” based on the ninja developed from 2011, which is agnate to Division 7. Broadcasting starts with Animax from 2012, broadcasting started from Division 4 (Anacon) in 2015 in the TV Tokyo series.

For division 1 and division 2, commitment is done on YouTube’s LEGO official channel.

【Lego Ninja Go】 Division ① – 1 adventure – YouTube

·staffApproach / Director: Bob White FlagTranslation: Norimasa KashinoAcoustic director: Chiba ShigeruRecording adjustment: Ebisu HirokazuRecording Assistant: Shota KumagaiRecording studio: Prosen StudioAcoustic production: Dachs ProductionsEditorial Studio: Flat Emujay, Tatsuya NakaoProduction Cooperation: Flat Dean, Keiichi Matsuda

·castKai: Hideo MorishimaMeow: Aya UchidaLloyd: Eriko MatsuiCall: Saeko HarikoJay: Oita kotoZen: Takiyuki TakiMr. Woo: Ichijo KazuyaMisako: HitomiAkronix: Mr. TakeuchiDulles: Koichi SomaRonin: Tsuneki YamawakiDr. Sanders: Takaoka jizo

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/4 (Tue) 21: 55 ~BS 11: 4/4 (Tue) 21: 55 ~Sagatetebi: 4/4 (Tue) 25: 55 ~※ Abbreviate animation

· Assignment informationDirector · Alternation agreement deals with a lot of abbreviate gag activity such as “Petit -! Petit · Idol Adept -” “Kakko Kawaii Declaration!” “Gundam Mr.”Muscle.

Five-frame activity delivered aural the bold “Idolmaster Cinderella Girls” is the original. In October 2016 the advertisement was fabricated as “Cinderella Girls Amphitheater Animation”, but some bodies were blurred as “Theater animation” of “Cinderella Girls” because they did not circumscribe words.

As an abbreviation, “Shinkishi” seems to be used.

【PV】 Cinderella Girls Amphitheater Activity fabricated advertisement – YouTube

·staffDirector · Alternation composition: MakyuCharacter architecture draft: Bear JetAnimation Production: GatheringCopyright notation: © BNEI / Shinkaki

Twitter:@cingeki_animeHashtag: # Shinkishi

· Advertisement informationAT – X: 4/4 (Tue) 20: 30 – otherTOKYO MX: 4/4 (Tue) 24: 30 ~TV Aichi: 4/4 (Tue) 25: 35 ~MBS: 4/4 (Tuesday) 26: 30 ~BS 11: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~

· Assignment information

The aboriginal is the 26th Fantasia Grand PrizeWinner of “Grand Prize”. 7 volumes already published. Aggregate 8 is arise on March 18.

Loku none abracadabra adviser and contraindicated teaching book 7 (Fantasia Bunko) | Yarotaro, Mishima Kuroune | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

On April 1st at Kadokawa Cinema ShinjukuPre-screening held.

·staffOriginal: YataroOriginal illustration: Mishima KurouneDirector: Wato MinatoSeries agreement · Screenplay: Mr. Oda DochoCharacter design: Satoshi KimuraTotal activity director: Satoshi Kimura, Makoto IinoProp Design: Yoshinori IwanagaMagical aggregation design: Ekoda NoitEffect activity director: Hashimoto TakashiArt director: Yuji KanekoColor design: Dai XishidenDirector of Photography: Takao SaitohEdit: Mai HasegawaAcoustic director: Hiroshi ShimizuMusic: Hiroaki TsutsumiAnimation Production: Leiden FilmCopyright ablaze notation: © 2017 Ritaro Mijima / Kuroun Mishima / KADOKAWA Corporation / Nokia Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ rokudenashi_tvHashtag: #rokuaka

OP: Suzuki Komi “Blow out”ED: Sistina (Akane Fujita), Rumia (Yu Bin Miyamoto), Rieiel (Yoshi Ozawa) “Precious You ☆”

·castGlen = Radas: Mamoru SaitoSistine-Fever: Akane FujitaRumia-Tingel: Miyamoto YubuRieiel Rayford: Ayase OzawaAlberto-Fraser: Hiroki TakahashiCelica = Alphonair: Eri Kitamura

Animation “None at the Roku Bewitched Academician and Contraindication Scripture (Akashic Records) Vol. 3 – PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationAmazon Prime Video: 4/4 (Tue) 24: 00 – (From Wednesday 2nd till 24: 30-)TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~AT-X: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~ otherABC: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 44 ~BS 11: 4/6 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~niconico: 4/7 (Fri) 23: 00 ~Tulip TV: 4/8 (Saturday) 26: 25 ~ (From the additional adventure onwards, from 26: 08 ~)

· Assignment informationThere is a acquaintance adage “I appetite you to do” the baron “as a boondocks okayi, based on Yuno Kinchun that there is no allotment to accomplish a inferior academy graduation about unless there is no best but to acknowledgment to the country in this way. Waiting for Yuno branch arise Nozan shi while accepting a ablaze activity is a black “sorry day-tripper spot” that has connected still “Mini Independent Country” which became catching in the balloon aeon and now ceases to arise It was.

Directed by Saiichi Masui of “Coffin angel Taika” “Crayon Shinchan calls a storm! Angel of Ora and the universe”. Yokoya Masahiro of the alternation agreement is “Re: altered apple activity starting from zero” “Free!” “Hataraku demon!

Although it is accustomed as “Alexandre S. D. Celibidache” as an original, it is alien whether it is a collective pen name. “2011”Hanasaku Iroha”In 2014SHIROBAKOFollowing “P.A. WORKS’s” Assignment Alternation “3rd.

·staffOriginal: Alexandre S. D. CelibidacheDirector: Masui MasuiSeries composition: Masahiro YokoyaScreenplay: Masahiro Yokoya, Shingo IrieCharacter draft: BUNBUNCharacter architecture · Absolute activity director: Kaname SekiguchiArt director: Ayumu SatoColor design: Naomi NakanoPhotographer: Yokoyama Tsubasa3D Director: Kohei OgawaEditingAcoustic director: Satoshi IidaAnimation Production: P.A. WORKSMusic: (K) NoW_NAMECopyright ablaze notation: © 2017 Sakura Quest Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ manoyama_PRHashtag: # Sakura Quest

·castYuno Kinchun: Nanase AyakaShiori Shimonomiya: Ren UedaMaki Midorikawa: Takayoshi YasushiOribe Riniko: Chiemi TanakaKosugi Sanae: Komatsu UmikoKadota Wadamatsu: Atsushi AyaChibuto Oribe: Taki IzawaTakamisawa: Katsuyuki KonishiTakashi Yamada: Hiroshi ShimonoMino: Takashi HamanoSandals: Vinae MarcyAngelica: Mori NorikoSuzuki Erika: Tomoyo Kurosawa

TV anime “Sakura Quest” Book – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo: 4/4 (Tue) 26: 05 -TV Osaka: 4/4 (Tue) 26: 05 ~AT-X: 4/5 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~BS Japan: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 00 ~

· Assignment information

The ambassador formed on “idol memories” and “DOG DAYS ”Katsuya Kikuchi. The alternation agreement is “Umi no Kimiko” “Black witch passes”! “” Cine Crayon Shinchan Ola’s Moving Adventure Cactus Raid! “

The aboriginal is a account G fantasy afterwards aggregate 7 volumes. Aggregate 8 is arise on February 27.

Royal Aerial Academy Abecedary Heine (7) (G Fantasy Comics) | Akai Higasa | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Akai HigasaDirector: Katsuya KikuchiSeries composition: Ugano KimikoCharacter design: Reina OkuyamaProp Design: Masanori IizukaArt Director: Junko Nagasawa (Production · Eye)Color design: Keiichi FunadaDirector of Photography: Tomoyuki Shiokawa (T2studio)3D Production: Polygon MagicEdit: Mayumi Omori (JAY FILM)Acoustic director: Goda HazimiAcoustic production: Dachs ProductionsMusic: Keiji InoueMusic Production: Avex PicturesAnimation Production: Bridge

Twitter:@ heine_PRHashtag: # aristocratic abecedary Heine

·castHeine Wittgenstein: Keisuke UedaKai · von · Grants rihi: Yasuura YuyaBruno von Grants Reich: Adachi HayatoLeonhardt von Grants Reich: Daisuke HiroseRicht von Grants Reich: Shota AoiLudwig: Namikawa DaisukeMaximilian: Tachibana ShinnosukeViktor: Tomoyuki Morikawa

TV anime “royal abecedary Heine” PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: 4/5 (Wednesday) 17: 55 ~

· Assignment informationThe son of Uzumaki Naruto who became the seventh bearing Hokage “Tympzi Volt” was acquainted and acquainted that her ancestor did not see herself. Although I was not accommodating to participate in the Naka-shin exam, I am activity to booty allotment in agreeable my accompany to appearance off their admirable abode in the seventh generation.On her altogether sister · sunflower, Naruto who is consistently alive comes home unusually, but in absoluteness he knows that he still uses his adumbration and still works. Angry bolt jumped out of the abode and encountered Sasuke who had the adeptness to attempt with Naruto abandoned alone, “Shake me to be a adherent !! Shouting that there are guys who appetite to exhausted it !!” and amateur to Sasuke And administer for training.

The ambassador is Mr. Nobuyuki Abe, “Arslan Battle”, “Bleach”, “Ninku – Ninja -“, “Yu Yu White Paper”. Ambassador Hiroyuki Yamashita of the cine “BORUTO Volt – NARUTO THE MOVIE -“. The alternation agreement is “Arslan Battle”, “Blue Steel Arpeggio – Ars Nova”, “Blessing in this admirable world!”Makoto Kamgangsu.

The aboriginal adventure began serialization in the cine “BORUTO bolt -NARUTO THE MOVIE-” Account Shonen Jump afterwards publishing “BORUTO- bolt – -NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS-“. The adventure of the bearing of the accouchement of “NARUTO-Naruto”, the advocate of Uzumaki Naruto, the columnist of NARUTO · Masashi Kishimoto is in allegation of the aboriginal assignment and supervision. Manga “NARUTO- Naruto -” Mikio Ikemoto, who served as Kishimoto’s abettor for about the absolute aeon in the alternation is not painted, “Dangan abnegate 3” the cine of “Macross Δ”Odakata UkyoI am in charge. Previously arise aggregate 2.

BORUTO – Volt – 2 – NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS – (Jump Comics) | Mikio Ikimoto, Masashi Ikemoto, Masafumi Kodamoto, Utagoya Ukyo | Book |

·staffOriginal: “BORUTO-Bolt – Naruto NEXT GENERATIONS -” (Original: supervised: Masashi Kishimoto / Manga: Mikio Ikemoto / Screenplay: Odakata Shingen)Overall director: Akabi AbeDirector: Hiroyuki YamashitaSupervision of story: Odakata swordSeries composition: Makoto KamgangsuCharacter design: Tetsuya Nishio, Hirofumi SuzukiColor design: Yoshimi ImamuraArt director: Hideyuki UenoDirector of Photography: Makoto MasunoAcoustic Director: Yasushi NaguraMusic: Koji Takanashi, brand – yaiba-Acoustic production: Agreeable soundsAnimation Production: flat PierrotCopyright notation: © Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha / TV Tokyo · Pierrot


·castSpiral bolt: Yumiko SanbaOur salad: Kikuchi KokoroMitsuki: Ryuichi KijimaNara Shikadai: Kenji OnoAkiwa Doobo: Shiraishi RyokoIn the mountains: Atsushi AbeNaruto Uzumaki: Junko TakeuchiTin Swallow Hinata: Mizuki NanaSpiral sunflower: Saori HayamiNara Shikamaru: Shotaro MorikuboOil woman Shino: Shinji Kawada

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~ (22: 45 ~ afterwards the 2nd talk)Sun TV: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 – (From the additional adventure advanced 24: 15 ~)Togi TV: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~AT-X: 4/6 (Thursday) 24: 10 ~ otherChiba Television: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 55 ~West Japan Broadcasting System: 4/16 (Sunday) 26: 00 ~

· Assignment information

The ambassador · alternation agreement is “GATE Self Defense Force at his place, so fighting” “Love Live!”Naohiko Kyogoku.

The aboriginal is “Love Live!” Kenji Yazawa and “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” is a articulation amateur accepted for the role of Yuzaki Nero and a manga artistTokui Dejected SkyIt is serializing to “Monthly Bushiroad”.

Tokui Aozora appropriate account Accomplish no aberration !! Akunobuden! – YouTube

·staffDirector · Alternation composition: Teruhiko KyogokuAnimation actualization design: Kuroiwa additionProp Design: Miwa AyumuArt ambience · angel board: Kaichi Fukudome (Nihon Galleries)Art director: Masayo Kobayashi (Senju Kobo)Color design: Rie KatoDirector of Photography: Naoki Atsumi (Tatsunoko Pro)Edit: Hirofumi OkudaAcoustic director: Nagasaki Jun ManMusic: Yoshimasa FujisawaAnimation Production: Tatsunoko ProCopyright notation: © Tokui Aozora / Bushiroad Media / Akunobuddon Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ aunogundanHashtag: # Awakening animation

·castDon-sama: Teruaki GendaPeap-chan: Yamaguchi KappeiChiku: Ishida AkiraMr. Nell: Tatsumoto Yuko

“Mirai na !! Akunokudon!” PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 22: 45 ~ (22: 50 ~ afterwards the additional episode)Togi TV: 4/5 (Wed) 24: 05 ~Sun TV: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 15 ~ (24: 20 ~ afterwards 2nd talk)West Japan Broadcasting System: 4/16 (Sunday) 26: 05 ~

· Assignment information

The ambassador says “I am King” or “Japanese Activity (Fair) Exhibition” adventure 10Yamaderoid”ofTakashi Horiuchi. Alternation agreement deals with scenarios and admiral of works for women such as bold “STORM LOVER” alternation and “KLAP !!”Takabayashi. Cine handles director, composition, personality with abundant AniraziTakashi Ito Department. A absolute ambassador handled a big breach “Kemono Friends”Keiji Fukuhara.

·staffComprehensive producer: Keiko FukuharaDrafts / Alternation composition: Takafubi YukiScreenplay: Takashi IbubeCharacter design: Aoi bottleArt Director: NOB-CDirector: Takashi Horiuchi (Graphicnica)Animation · Actualization design: Tomoyo SawadaSeries Director: Yutaka YamazakiAnimation Producer: TsuneyodariAcoustic Producer: Toru NakanoAcoustic director: FusoganeMusic: Tsubasa plusAdvertisement: Kenichi KobayashiPlanning · Original: Yao YorozuAnimation Production: Encore FilmsWEB Production:Realize

Twitter:@lovekome_animeHashtag: # Adulation rice

·castHino Araki: Ishii MarkMr. Sasaki: Sawashiro ChiharuHitomebore: Kusumasu soaking.Akitakomachi: Komori MasaakiTowards: Tamaki NiiANN (An): Takaya EnokiSHOCK (Shock): Hiroto SuzukiCARRY (carry): Okawa GenkiKoshihikari: Tsuda KenjiroChiko Shobo: Tomokazu SugitaMorinokuma: Mafia KajitaManamusume: Hara NatsukoCroix: Shuuta MorishimaCollaboration: Miho MasakaCamembert: HibaGourmet beauty: Saori Mura KitaGuru: Saito YoshiuriGulue: Yasuko Sasaki

· Advertisement informationAT-X: 4/5 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~ otherKBS Kyoto: 4/5 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 25: 35 ~TV Aichi: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 50 ~BS 11: 4/10 (Monday) 27: 00 ~Sun TV: 4/12 (Wednesday) 26: 00 ~TVQ: 4/13 (Thursday) 27: 00 ~

· Assignment information

Ambassador is Hideki Tachibana of “BLAZBLUE ALTER MEMORY”, “Dragon Crisis!” Alternation agreement is “Better Poor God!” “Servant × Service” “In accession to activity such as” I got up as a “popular sample” at a lady’s academy ” Ken Shimoyama, a biographer who is additionally alive in special-effects works such as “Shuriken Sentai Ninninger” confined as a capital writer. Activity assembly is “Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Ilya” alternation SILVER LINK ..

The aboriginal is a alternation of account boy’s ace series. With the 5 volumes already published, 6 volumes will be arise on March 25. The absolute cardinal of books has exceeded 500,000 copies in total.

Armed babe Machiavellism (5) (Kadokawa Comics Ace) | Kanzaki Karuino, Kurokami Yuuya | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Kurokami YuuyaDrawing: Karasaki Karuna (KADOKAWA “Monthly Shonen Ace” series)Director: Hideo TachibanaSeries composition: Ken ShimoyamaCharacter design: Shoko TakimotoMusic: Mizutani Hiromi (Team – MAX)Music production: Nippon ColumbiaAnimation production: SILVER LINK.Copyright notation: © 2017 Kurokami Yuya · Kanzaki Karunana / KADOKAWA / “Armed babe Machiavellism” Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ machiave_animeHashtag: # Maxeve

OP: Miyoshi Ito “Shocking Blue”ED: “DECIDE” by Tenkazu Bristles Swords (Onikawa Wheel (Takada Maki), Kamezuru Alcazar Mary (Kitahara Sayaka), Eye Satoshi (Nishida Nobuaki), Hana Takumi (Hidaka Rina), Inaba Tsukiya (Nikaoka Natsumi))

·castNobumi Nakamura: Yu HatanakaOni ring: Takada MakiKameura alcazar Mary: Kitahara SayakaSleeping Satori: Nishida’s hopeHana Takara: Hidaka RinaInaba moonlight: Natsuka NatsumiTeruaki Shuzo: Eriko MatsuiYuriko Ito: Ito MimiButterfly Hua · U · Rose Saki: Ko Himaka AkaneKurasaki Sasa: ​​Masaharu HanaiRight-handed right: Shiho MutoTomomi Tohto: Masaharu SawadaMr. Tanabara Kakuno: Yamada YukiSaruwatari Nico: Tamana YamanaMisogi:? What? What?Kyobo: Fujita SakiMasuko Masuko: Tetsuji Ota

TV activity “armed girls maccaverism” PV 1st – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 23: 30 ~Kansai Television: 4/6 (Thu) 26: 55 ~BS 11: 4/7 (Fri) 23: 30 ~AT-X: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 00 ~ other※ 2 Air-conditioned works

· Assignment informationSaki Ryoda lives in a lot of bodies with appropriate abilities. Asai Kei has the adeptness of “memory retention” that can bethink aggregate that he accomplished in the past, and the adeptness to “reset” Bounce Saitama sky can rewind the apple for up to three canicule abandoned by adage “Reset”. While accomplishing assorted club activities alleged “service club”, they were exploring agency to animate friends, Ai Soma who absent due to “reset” two years ago. A appeal that wishes “I appetite you to animate a asleep cat” will soar, and the two will change the apple appliance reset.

The ambassador said “Tanaka-kun is consistently a admired guy” “Nononanbi yori”Shinya Kawabe. Alternation agreement is Katsuhiko Takayama of “Aldnoah Zero” “Ghost – aught -” “Stratos Four”.

The aboriginal is 6 volumes already arise by Hiroshi Kono. Aggregate 7 is arise on March 25.

A adventure about boys and girls and their definiteness Sakurada Displace 7 (Kadokawa Bunko) | Kono Yu | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

Incidentally,Live activity filmAlso, the aboriginal allotment was arise on March 25, the additional allotment was arise on May 13.

Movie “Sakurada Displace Before” Bivouac ② – YouTube

·staffOriginal: Yu KonoOriginal illustration: Shiina AkiraDirector: Shinya KawabataSeries composition: Katsuhiko TakayamaCharacter design: Tomoyuki ShimotaniProp Design: Sayaka TakaseArt setting: Yachiho TaniuchiColor design: Aiko Mizuno3D Director: Hayato NumajiriArt director: Yuki UnnoDirector of Photography: Harujin IshiguroEdit: Mai HasegawaMusic: RayonsAcoustic director: Toshiki KameyamaRecording adjustment: Makoto UchidaAcoustic effect: Kayama OyamaAnimation Production: david productionProduction: Activity “Sakurada Reset” Assembly CommitteeCopyright Ablaze Notation: © Yu Kono, Yu Shiina / KADOKAWA / Activity “Sakurada Reset” Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ sagrada_animeHashtag: #sagrada_anime

OP: Yui Makino “Reset” (Teichiku Entertainment)ED: THE ORAL CIGARETTES “TONNARIA” (A-Sketch)

·castAsai Kei: Ishikawa ToshininHaru Sumi Sora: Hanazawa KanaAi Miwa: Yuki AzumaTomoki Nakano: Takuya EguchiMinato future: Yamada YukiYoko Murase: Yui MakinoMidori Nooio: Sasaka Misawa

4/5 Broadcasting Alpha !! TV Anime “Sakurada Reset” 2nd PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/6 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~MBS: 4/8 (Sat) 26: 28 ~BS 11: 4/9 (Sunday) 25: 30 ~TV Aichi: 4/10 (Monday) 26: 05 ~

Doraemon Nobita Coloring Step by Step | Coloring Pages For ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Doraemon Nobita Coloring Step by Step | Coloring Pages For … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

· Assignment information”For me it’s like a moon lighting”

In the aboriginal activity afterwards an original, the ambassador is “Arpeggio of Dejected Steel – Ars Nova -” “Yuuki Yuna is a Brave”Seiji Kishi. Agreement · Cine is Yuko Kakihara of “Digimon Adventure tri.” “Aikatsu Stars!” Key abstract of the actualization “I appetite to eat your pancreas.”You flash ablaze in the moonlightManga artisan / illustrator accepted for such illustrations as “IllustratorloundrawI am in charge.

·staffDirector: Seiji KishiStructure · Screenplay: Yuko KakiharaCharacter aboriginal plan: loundrawAnimation production: feel.Copyright notation: © 2017 “Moon is beautiful” Assembly committee

Twitter:@ tsukigakirei_tvHash tag: # moon is beautiful

·castKotaro Azumi: Shoya ChibaAkane Mizuno: Yoshimi OharaTakumi Hirahara: Atsushi TamaruNishio Chikatsu: Ruri MurakawaYamashina Ruman: Koshimura KushimuraOgasawara Earth: Makoto KanekoMiyazomi Saki: Iwami Maika incenseSato Setsuko: Suzuki MiyanoMisa Imazu: Haruka ChisugaTanaka Sakura: Annual of Hou InoueSho Nagahara: Hirose YuyaYasuhito Inaba: Ishii MarkTakizawa Aoi: Hakaishi ShiraishiKaneko Tsubasa: Kentaro KumagaiTachibana Daisuke: Mutsuki IwakaniSonoda Ryoko: Higashiyama NaoAzumi Ryunosuke: Kazuo OkaAtsuko Azumaki: Kikuko InoueHiroshi Mizuno: Mitsuo IwataSaori Mizuno: Chiwa SaitoMizuno Ayane: Maekawa Ryoko

· Advertisement informationTBS: 4/6 (Thursday) 25: 58 ~BS-TBS: 4/8 (Sat) 25: 00 ~TBS approach 1: 4/16 (sun) 25: 00 ~

· Assignment informationA thousand years ago, a adeptness alarm technologist alleged “Y” appeared with a amazing bulk of abstracts and reconstructed the asleep Apple with abandoned a gear. A architecture consisting of an affluence of ample numbers of apparatus was alleged “Clockwork Planet (Clockwork Planet)”, a burghal was congenital on the gear, and bodies lived in that “section (grid)”.A alcove in Japan · A accessory admired by a accessory in Kyoto Mamoru Naooto of Yaro alternate from his academy to his house, and the alembic abandoned from the alike abandoned into the room. Because Naoto met Automatic Doll (Crown), Crown, Macho of Adeptness alarm technician, the accessory of fate begins to turn.

Director Tsuyoshi Nagasawa of “Crawl! Nyaruko-san” “Ehmemy!” “Today’s 5 2”. Kenji Sugihara of “Shika” alternation composition

The aboriginal is “No Bold No Life”Yuki EnokiIn a atypical by, 4 volumes published.

Clockwork Planet 4 (Kodansha Ranoba Bunko) | Enoki Yusuke, Konna Tsubaki, Ibarino | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffDirector: Takeshi NagasawaSeries composition: Kenji SugiharaCharacter design: Shuichi ShimamuraMechanical design: Kenji TeraokaProp Design:Setting the apple view: Koaki Sueitake, Sagami EdamatsuArt design: Masahiro KubotaArt director: Masatoshi KaiColor setting: Mizino Takako3DCG: Yuki FunakoshiDirector of Photography: Kenji TakebaraEdit: Masahiro MatsumuraAcoustic director: Satoshi MotoyamaMusic: Kanematsu, Nakamura Banasai, Nakano Karashi, Takafumi TakanoOP: fripSideED: Afterwards the RainAnimation Production: XEBEC

Twitter:@ ClockworkAnime

·castMimura Naoto: Aino NanjoCrown: Yui MakumaMary: Saori OhnishiHalter: Kenichiro MatsudaUncle: Aki SenbonkiOP: fripSideED: Afterwards the Rain

April 2017 New affairs “Clockwork Planet” 1st PV 【TBS】 – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTBS: 4/6 (Thu) 26: 28 ~CBC: 4/6 (Thurs) 26: 44 ~MBS: 4/7 (Friday) 27: 10 ~BS – TBS: 4/8 (Sat) 25: 30 ~TBC: 4/11 (Tuesday) 25: 54 ~SBS: 4/11 (Tuesday) 26: 43 ~TBS Approach 1: 4/16 (Sunday) 25: 30 ~RKB: 4/16 (Sunday) 26: 35 ~

· Assignment informationAs a aftereffect of my grandfathering ‘s access on Kabuki, my aboriginal year aerial academy student, Kurusu Kurugi thinks I would like to do Kabuki with club activities, but such a club activity does not exist, and my academy acknowledgment is slow. In any case, with the aim of establishing a club that is the antecedent of the department, we will alpha accession accompany with our best friend’s glasses macho / dragonfly.Seishun Kabuki story, opening!

Director Kazuhiro Yoneda of “Akatsuki no Jona” “Magical babe is enough”. Nikamura Yoshiko’s alternation agreement is “Monthly Shojo Nozaki-kun” “Scarlet Luck” “Shonen Maid”.

The aboriginal aggregate is 5 volumes arise in Atypical by Yukari Enokida. Aggregate 6 is arise on March 25.

Kabukibu! 6 (Kadokawa Bunko) | Enokida Yuri | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Yuuri EnodaAnimation Actualization Draft: CLAMPDirector: Kazuhiro YonedaSeries composition: Nakamura YoshikoCharacter design: MatsuroAnimation Production: Flat DeanProduction: Kabuki Promotion CommitteeCopyright ablaze notation: © CLAMP · Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO., LTD. © Yuuri Enda / KADOKAWA / Kabuki Promotion Committee

Twitter:@ kabukibuHashtag: # Kabukibibu

OP: Hiroki Shimono “Running High”

·castKurusu Kuro: Ichikawa TaichiMurase Tombo: Yuichiro UmeharaAkutsu Shin: Ayasaka RyotaKengo Kohanishi: Ken SaigoharaNiwa Hanamitsu: Nobunaga ShimakiAtsushi Atsushi: Yuko Kaida

TV activity “Kabukibu! Casting Advertisement Cine – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo: 4/6 (Thu) 26: 35 ~AT – X: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 – othersBS Japan: 4/8 (Saturday) 24: 30 ~

· Assignment information

The ambassador is additionally in allegation of administering ‘Theater Adaptation Ver. Detanism Conan Pure Atramentous Nightmare’ by ambassador “Auntlet! EX” “Anitre! XX”Atsushi Nakagawa. Takahashi Natsuko of alternation “Yuyuki” “Ron Gowa!” “Udon no Kuni aureate beard ball”, Takahashi Natsuko this division is additionally amenable for the alternation agreement “Fight Activity Otome – Babe Beats Boys -“.

The aboriginal is 10 volumes arise in Banana Meteoro series. Aggregate 11 is arise on April 11.

Romance Tyrant (10) (Meteo COMICS) | Samsung Glasses | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Samsung GlassesDirector: Atsushi NakagawaSeries composition: Takahashi NatsukoCharacter design: Ito MarikoTotal activity director: Misako YatsuArt setting: Koyama Mayuko, Matsumoto HirokiArt director: Hiroki Matsumoto, Akiko KikuchiColor design: Iwumisomi.Music: MONACAMusic production: DIVE Ⅱ entertainmentAcoustic director: Satoshi MotoyamaAcoustic production: HALF H · P STUDIOEdit: Yuji Kondo (REAL-T)Director of Photography: Atsushi IwasakiPhotography: T2 studioAnimation Production: EMT SquaredCopyright notation: © Samsung Glasses, COMIC Meteor / Renai Tyrant Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ boukun_PRHashtag: # adulation tyrant

OP: Wake Up, Girls! “Love with love? It’s a tyrant!”ED: smileY inc. “Tell me” Ski “”

·castGuri: Yoshinori AoyamaAoji Aino: Kenji OnoHikaru Akane: Ami NumakuraYellow Butterfly Yuzu: Yuki NaganoShiramine, Yuumu HaraShiina Mari: Ootsubu Yuka

Anime “Renai Tyrant” PV alpha on 4th April! – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: 4/7 (Fri) 17: 55 ~

· Assignment informationFuller (fairy) · tulip of tulip works adamantine arise a dream with animal and Fairyl, calm with adolescent Advisers of the advisers today in the two worlds. New, a adolescent sister of a admiration to become a fairylic researcher – Ferrir · Rin of Gentian built-in from the Fairyl berry which Wakare had had joins as a friend.

Sanrio and Sega Toys are one of the additional media mix affairs to be delivered afterward Jewel Pet. The aboriginal actualization of TV activity has been broadcasted in February 2016 as “Ril ril Fairyl – Bogie Aperture ~”, accomplished at the end of March, and will access the additional phase.

The ambassador is in allegation of Gogaku Blooming timberline afterward the aboriginal aeon and Nakanaka Naka who was in allegation of activity contests in the aboriginal stage. Naka Naka is a adherent of Masakazu Hishida’s ambassador of “Pretty Rhythm” alternation and “KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm”. There is a approach that Gokoku blooming is a pseudonym of Hishida’s director.

The alternation agreement was handled by Mr. Atsuya Matsui “Tanaka-kun is consistently funny” and the aboriginal date scriptAkemi ShimbunSubstitution.

·staffOriginal: Sanrio, Sega ToysDirector: Naka Naka, GokozakuraSeries composition: Akemi ShimbunCharacter design: Yoshinaga YamaguchiArt director: Nishikuri powerColor setting: Imari KatsuragiDirector of Photography: Masayuki KawaguchiEdit: Masahiro MatsumuraAcoustic director: Koji YamamotoAcoustic production: Dachs ProductionsMusic Production: DriveAnimation Production: Flat DeanProduction: TV Tokyo · TV Tokyo Media NetCopyright notation: © 2015, 2017 SANRIO / SEGA TOYS Sanrio · Sega Toys / TV Tokyo · Riluriru Fairiru Assembly Committee

OP: Apink ‘Pipipupe PON!’ED: Q-pitch “Please Rogue”

·castRippu: Yumihiro HanamoriSunflower: Aya UchidaSumire: Rina HidakaRose: Akina KusudaRin: Satomi SatoFairylle goal: Yusuke ShiraiFairlill Merge: Megumi ToyoguchiNozomu Hanamura: Nagi HanoeHanamura Kennin: Mamiko Noto

· Advertisement informationAT-X: 4/7 (Friday) 21: 00 ~ otherBS 11: 4/7 (Fri) 23: 00 ~TOKYO MX: 4/7 (Friday) 25: 40 ~KBS Kyoto: 4/8 (Sat) 25: 30 ~TV Aichi: 4/9 (Sunday) 26: 05 ~TVQ: 4/9 (Sunday) 26: 35 ~Sun TV: 4/10 (Mon) 23: 30 ~

· Assignment information

Takeshi Takahashi of the ambassador is “Rokka no Hero”, “Wolf and Spice” “Mao Yuu Masaru Brave”. Ambassador Kita Hatako of “I accept few accompany NEXT”, “Koi to acclamation and chocolate”.

The aboriginal is manga of the account banana Kihon series, 2 volumes already published. Three volumes will be arise on March 27.

Hinako no 3 and 3 (MFC Kuang series) | March | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: MarchOverall director: Takao TakahashiDirector: Kita HatakeSeries composition: Tatsuhiko UrabataCharacter architecture · absolute activity director: Kazuyuki UedaMusic: Yukari HashimotoAnimation Production: PassioneProduce: Anima & CompanyProduction: Hinako’s and Assembly CommitteeCopyright notation: © March / KADOKAWA advertisement / Hinako’s and assembly committee

Twitter:@ hinakonoteHashtag: # with Hinakono

OP: Amphitheater aggregation Hito Takeshi “Ah-oh, uh-oh-oh !!”ED: Troupe Amphitheater Aggregation “Katonko !!!!!”

·castSakuragi Hinako: M · A · ONatsukawa Kuna: Miro TomidaHiira Maki: Yui OguraChiaki Hagino: Nishi ToshiakiYua Nakajima: Mari TakanoKuroyanagi Ruriko: Yuri Yoshida

TV activity “Hinako no Tori” PV 2nd aggregate – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/7 (Friday) 22: 00 ~Sun TV: 4/7 (Friday) 24: 00 ~KBS Kyoto: 4/7 (Fri) 25: 30 ~TV Aichi: 4/7 (Fri) 27: 05 ~BS 11: 4/8 (Sat) 27: 00 ~TVQ: 4/10 (Mon) 26: 30 ~

· Assignment information

The aboriginal is the pachislot apparatus “Cheerful Angel Accompanying Angel” that appeared in 2006. Manga · Bold · Anime and Media Mix are done based on this actualization and setting, and the aboriginal OVA is arise in 2008. The TV activity is the 2nd assignment afterward the 2011 advertisement “Kaito Tenshi Accompanying Angel ~ Kyunkun ☆ Tokimeki Paradise !! ~”. For the 10th ceremony of the series, the arch role is from the accomplished Haru Mizuki (voice: Yukari Tamura) & Kannazuki Aoi (voice: Mamiko Noto), Meguri Moving (Voice: M · A · O) & Kisaragi Sumire (Voice: Chino Ai Clothes), but the ambassador is the aforementioned as the aboriginal assignment “Familiar of Zero” “Atelier of Esca & Rosie ~ Alchemist of the Twilight Sky ~” 」Yoshiaki Iwasaki. Mikiko Ito of ‘Hentai Shozo and No Cat Laughing’ and ‘Genso wo Kakeru Sun’ in the alternation configuration.

·staffDirector: Yoshiaki IwasakiSeries composition: Michiko ItoCharacter design: Mika TakahashiMusic: Gin (BUSTED ROSE)Animation production: J.C.STAFFCopyright notation: © 2017 Sammy / St. Cherine Academy PTA

OP: Abe Roppyjeetto feat. Amazing Moving (M · A · O) & Kisaragi Sumire (Chino Aiori) “Love ♡ Jewelry ♪ Appointment ☆ Breach !!”ED: Milk Chan (Riku Kugimiya) “Blurry Meal Crawl!”

Twitter:@ta_officialHashtag: # twinangel

·castAngel Rose: M · A · OSumire Kisaragi / Angel Sapphire: Ai KinanoMilkku: Rie KugimiyaVail: Aki SuwaNui: Yuki Fujii

TV activity “Twin Angel BREAK” OP Cine – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX 1: 4/7 (Fri) 22: 30 ~BS Fuji: 4/11 (Tue) 24: 00 ~MBS: 4/11 (Tue) 27: 00 ~

· Assignment information

The accepted ambassador is Kajiya Murata of “Galgantia of the Suteki Star” and “Sacred Brilliant of the Alchemist of the Moon Amateur (Milos)”. Alternation ambassador Masaki Watanabe who served as the ambassador of three works from “Battle Spirits Hao” (From the 16th episode) to “The Arch Galaxy Ultimate Aught ~ Activity Spirits ~” in the “Battle Spirits” series. Cine is amenable for biographer Nozaki Mado who accustomed the Media Works Bait-and-switch Accolade at the atypical “[Film] Amrita”.

·staffOverall director: Murata KazuyaSeries Director: Masaki WatanabeScreenplay: Nozaka MadoDirector: Richo, Akihiro Saito, Yasuhiro TanabeCharacter design: Aris ArisakaAnimation actualization design: Maniwa Hideaki, Richocho, Kuroiwa Garden additionCG Director: Kato YasuhiroCharacter supervisor: Hiroshi MiyamotoLead actualization modeler: Chihiro IwamotoLead animator: Yasuda Yuya, Makino YukiGraphic design: Norikazu SuzukiColor design: Iwasawa ReikoArt director: Takeshi Sato (Smyrchil)Director of Photography: Keiko IshizukaEdit: Shinichi FukumitsuAcoustic director: Nagasaki Jun ManSound effect: Konno Konno (Swara · Pro)Music: Taro IwashiroAnimation Producer: Yuta OguraProducer: Koichi NoguchiAnimation Production: Toei Animation

Twitter:@ Seikaisuru_KadoHashtags: # Cad to be answered correctly

·castAkira Makito: Akira MiuraYaha Quizasina: Takashi TerashimaLuo Xixa: M · A · OHanamori Shun: Morimoto SaitoShuhei Asano: Kenji AkabaneNatsume Ritsu: Shizuka ItoRie Higane: Riku KugimiyaDog agglomeration structure: Nakashiro KiyoKuataka Haneiri: Shiro SaitoNaoki Sasaiuchi: Masami KikuchiTakuya KirimotoGimi: Hisayoshi SuganumaUtomaru: Daisuke SakaguchiTetsuya Miko: Tetsuo GotoAtsuhiko Aki: Takeshi OyamaTetsuo Oishi: Honda HondaDeep Sophie: Yuko KaidaYuri Hikiko: Shiraishi RyokoEach adventure narration: Takaya Uemura

Preliminary apprehension of “Correct answer” 1st: Abstraction Bivouac – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTBS: 4/7 (Friday) 25: 55 ~MBS: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 10 ~CBC: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 50 ~BS-TBS: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 00 ~AT-X: 4/9 (Sunday) 21: 30 ~ otherSagatete: 4/10 (Mon) 25: 25 ~

· Assignment information

TV anime advertisement in the abatement of 2014 “Shaman’s Bahamut GENESISSequel to. Ten years accept anesthetized back that “seal of Bahamut”, a compensation hunter who becoming money of ablaze actualization who came to the commonwealth newly, Nina Dorango has abutting as a arch role, but Fabaro · Leone and Caesar · Lidfarud abide to appear. The ambassador will additionally abide to “TIGER & BUNNY” “GANTZ: O” “Saint Seiya Fable of Sanctuary”Sato KeiichiI am in charge. The biographer that the cine is the aboriginal claiming for activity worksSeki OishiI am in charge.

·staffOriginal: CygamesDirector: Sato KeiichiScreenplay: Shizuka OishiCharacter design: Naoyuki OndaArt Director: Nakamura Toru OkiMusic: Ikihiro IkePhotographer Director: Yusuke AwakaVFX supervisor: Morika MorikawaEffect animation: Takashi HashimotoColor design: Osamu MikasaCG Director: Noriyuki ItoEdit: Kiyoshi HiroseAcoustic effect: Masatoshi KatsumataProduction: MAPPACopyright ablaze notation: © Cygames / MAPPA / Shinto no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL

Twitter:@ baha_ abstinent soulHashtag: # Bahassour

OP: SiM “LET iT END”ED: DAOKO “Dear sir or Goodbye Good-bye”

·castNina Durango: Venus violetCharios XIII: Yuichiro UmeharaFabaro Leone: Yuzo YoshinoCaesar Lidfarud: Inoue TsuyoshiAzazel: Seiichi MoritaRita: Miyuki SawashiroBacchus: Hiroshi IwasakiHansa: Shotaro MorikuboJeanne d’Arc: Megumi BanMugallo: ???Sophie: Maaya SakamotoDiaz · Ballodromeu: Yasuhiro MamiyaALESAND VISPONTI: Onno Kenji

【Battle of Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL】 Promotion Cine 3rd – YouTube

【Battle of Bahamut GENESIS】 Abbreviate adventure # 1 – YouTube

【Battle of Bahamut GENESIS】 Abbreviate adventure # 2 – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/7 (Friday) 25: 55 ~TV Aichi: 4/8 (Sat) 27: 20 ~

· Assignment informationOda Nobunaga’s dream of Feng Shui that appeared in the Warring States Aeon was “Japan afterwards Turkey.” Girls and staggers absorbed by such dreams become “Nobunaga no Shinobi” and will advice to apprehend dreams.

Directed by Shintaro Ehon of “Otaru Maru” “Jubei Chan” “Tonkatsu DJ Age Taro”.

The aboriginal isYoung Beastly series11 volumes already published. Aggregate 12 is appointed to be arise on August 29, and as with the 11th volume, the aboriginal time bound copy comes with a DVD of TV animation. KBS Kyoto has started broadcasting the aboriginal aeon from April.

Nobunaga’s Shinobi 11 Aggregate TV Anime with DVD Aboriginal Press Bound Copy (Young Animals Comics) | Shinkano Naoki | Book |

·staffOriginal: Shigeto MayukiDirector: Hata TaroCharacter design: Junko YamanakaArt director: Manami KonoyamaColor design: Rie KatoDirector of Photography: Akemi SasakiEdit: Yoshiyoshi FujitaSound Director: Tanaka KazuyaMusic: Toshiro MasudaProduction: Toms EntertainmentCopyright notation: © Naoki Naoki / Shiraizusha · Nobunaga Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ shinobinobunagaHashtag: # Nobunaga of Nobunaga

Theme Song: Lian flower

·castChidori: Minoru InaseOda Nobunaga: Watano NaganoHeld: MURATA AyumuTowhiro: Takahashi TomoakiCity: Suzuko MimoriKinoshita Hideyoshi: Yamaguchi KappeiRene: Rie KugimiyaShibata Katsuya: Okawa ToruKori Mori: Tomoki SekiImagawa Yoshimoto: Seki TomokazuImagawa Masao: Ochiai FukushigaSaito Ryusoku: Ueda YujiTakenaka Hanbei: Daisuke HirakawaMaeda Toshiie: Hideo MorishimaKoichi Ota: Hideo MorishimaMatsu: Matsui NanakurakoYoshiaki Ashikaga: Akira TakagiAkechi Mitsuhide: Tachibana ShinnosukeMotohira Matsudaira: Ryutaro OkiayuHachisuka Kozuki: Nobuyuki HiyamaHattori Hanzo: VALSHENagamasa Asai: Yasuaki TakumiEndo Naoki: Yoneda KiyoyukiAsakura Yoshiaki: Kishio DaisukeYoshiyuki Sugitani: Hidefumi TakemotoHisashi Asai: Takashi MatsuyamaHakko Reiji: Sakamoto YukemitsuIkko Inaba: Hideo MorishimaAndo Morimori: Ochiai FukudaMr. Takuya Takahashi

Anime “Nobunaga no Shinobi” adventure 0 – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 ~BS 11: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 ~Tochigi Television: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 ~Gunma TV: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 ~ABC: 4/8 (Sat) 26: 58 – (From the third adventure onwards, from 26: 29 -)TV Aichi: 4/11 (Tue) 26: 05 ~AT-X: 4/13 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~ others

· Assignment information

“BLACK LAGOON”Hiiee ReiOriginal activity of a absolutely new assignment served as the original. The ambassador is “Aldnoa Zero” “Fate / Zero”Aoi, Hiroe and Aoki are in allegation of the alternation agreement jointly. Mr. Makoto Kato who served as a drillmaster at “Aldnoah-Zero” and co-director at “Sakurako’s anxiety are abounding with asleep bodies”.

Preliminary screening of episodes 1 and 2Will be captivated in Tokyo and Osaka. The appliance borderline is 23:59 on March 17th.

·staffOriginal assignment · Aboriginal draft: Hiroe HiieDirector: Aoi HiroDeputy Director: Makoto KatoSeries composition: Aoi Hiro, Hiroe HiroeCharacter design: Ryuichi MakinoTotal activity director: Ryuichi Makino, Nakai NakaiMain animator: Masako Matsumoto, Aki YamamotoMechanic design: I-IVEffect animation: Takashi HashimotoArt director: Yuki NagaArt setting: Masahiro Sato, Tomoyasu FujiseColor design: Mariko ShinoharaArt direction: Tomoyuki Arima, Takuya SejimaCG Director: Yoshida Miki, Mitsutaka InoguchiVisual effect: Ryosuke TsudaDirector of Photography: Tomoyoshi KatoEdit: Shota RightamaAcoustic director: Kawahito MeidaSound Production: Abracadabra CapsuleMusic: Hiroyuki SawanoAnimation Production: TROYCACopyright notation: © Hiroe Hiroe / Shogakkan / Aniplex

Twitter:@recreators_tvHashtags: # Recreators

OP: Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]: Tielle & amp; Gemie ‘gravityWall’ED: Mairo Ayano “NEWLOOK”

·castMizuside Shota: Yamashita DaisukeCelestia · Yupitiria: Komatsu UmikoMeteora Estherich: Minoru InaseAlice Terrier · Ferbright: Hikasa YokoMami Shiki: Ruri MurakawaYuukiji Temple Yuichi SuzumuraKanoya Ruwei: Amamiya TianKaijoin Maka: Maaya SakamotoBlitz · Talker: AzushiMilitary compatible princess: Aki Toyosaki

TV Anime “Re: Creators” 2nd PV – YouTube

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· Assignment informationIzumi Masamune, a aerial academy amateur and Ranobet writer, lives abandoned with his adolescent sister, Izumi Saegu. But the fog was a abandonment that did not arise out of the allowance at all. However, at some point, Masamune knows the actuality of the shock that the actualization of Professor eromanga illustrator who is in allegation of illustrations of his atypical is fog.

The ambassador is “NEW GAME!” Deputy ambassador and this blur will be the aboriginal directorRyohei Takeshita. The alternation agreement is “Idol Adept Cinderella Girls” “Pandora of the Red Crystal”Takahashi Tatsuya.

The aboriginal is a atypical by Fushimi Tsukasa of “My sister can not be this cute”, as able-bodied as “My sister” Kanzaki Hiro is in allegation of illustration. Previously arise aggregate 8.

Erotic Manga Abecedary (8) Izumi Masamune’s Holiday (Dengeki Bunko) | Fushimi Tsukasa, Kanazaki Hiro | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

By the way, this activity isFushimi Tsukasa ‘s admission 10th ceremony projectIt is additionally one of.

·staffOriginal: Fushimi TsukasaDirector: Ryohei TakeshitaSeries composition: Ryuya TakahashiOriginal illustration: Kanzaki HiroCharacter design: Hiroyuki OdaProduction: A-1 PicturesCopyright notation: © 2016 Tsukasa Fushimi / KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works / EMP

Twitter:@ oreimo_eromangaHashtag: # Mr. eromanga teacher

OP: ClariS “Hitrigoto”ED: TrySail “adrenaline !!!”

·castIzumi Saegumi: Akane FujitaIzumi Masami: Matsuoka ShozoYamada Elf: Masami TakahashiSenju Muramasa: Saori OhnishiMegumino Kano: Kido KobukiTakasago Chie: Ishikawa Yui

TV activity “Mr. eromanga sensei” PV 1st ammo – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/9 (Sun) 23: 00 ~KBS Kyoto: April 9 (Sun) 23: 30 ~Sun TV: 4/9 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~BS 11: 4/11 (Tuesday) 24: 30 ~

· Assignment information

Ambassador who gave bearing to “Infinite Revital” “Scryed” Goro Taniguchi × Alternation agreement · Yagusa Kuroda’s tags acquired a aerial acceptability for Celluque 3DCG expressions such as “Blue Steel Arpeggio – Ars Nova” and “Bubiki Blank” Sanzigen joins and sends out “Mind Trance SF”. Amateur activity will be abundant above the abysmal amplitude area cipher has seen.

On the official website, EscaBeit’s aggregation who helped Maya “Job guideHas been released.

·staffDirector: Goro TaniguchiSeries agreement · Screenplay: Yuusuke KurodaMechanic actualization design: Ebihikawa KanetakeAnimated actualization draft: Ruri MurataAnimation actualization design: Hiromi KatoMechanic design: Bunri Katakai, Takeshi Takakura, Noriyuki YanaseProp Design: Yoshinori Iwanaga3DCG Supervisor: Now YoshikazuModeling Director: Kazuki Hirai, Yasuhisa TakeuchiRigging director: four daitsukeAnimation Director: Kentaro Shika, Hiroyasu Nishino, Atsushi Mimura, Masaki NakamuraArt director: Yuji KanekoArt setting: Akihiro Hirasawa, Akane IwakumaResearcher: Haruichi ShiraishiColor design: Akiko Shibata, Junko KitagawaDirector of Photography: Daisuke OkumuraEdit: Mai HasegawaAcoustic director: Kawahito MeidaMusic: Takayuki HattoriMusic production: LantisAnimation Production: Saint-GenenProduce: Apple Cosplay SummitCopyright ablaze notation: © ID-0 Project

Twitter:@ ID_ 0 _ animeHashtag: # ID_ 0

OP: Saki Saki “ID-0″ED: Hellonobu Kageyama “Stellar Compass”

·castId: Kazuyuki OkitsuMikuri Maya: Miho TsudaRick Ehier: Masanari MatsukazeCala Mila-Foyden: Sayaka OharaGreyman: Koyama OyamaClaire Hojo: Kimoto HoshikoFalsa: Ozawa AkiAmanza Borucikova: Junko MinagawaMysterious girl: Ren Ueda

Original TV anime “ID – 0” PV 1st – YouTube

· Advertisement informationWOWOW: 4/7 (Fri) 22: 30 ~ otherTBS: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 25 ~MBS: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 40 ~BS – TBS: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 30 ~

· Assignment informationAfter the collapse of the belfry “St. Albion temple”, Guts, Caska, and packs who bankrupt through Kusan’s annoy adjustment headed for the blacksmith Godot’s mining cube to escape from the fate of the branding. But Gutz met with Griffith who was with Rickert. Gitz accomplished his adversary for a connected time and was aggravating to annihilate himself dramatically, but Griffith was cool.”Tame … What on apple did you arise actuality for ?!” “To accommodated you”

The aboriginal is Adolescent Beastly alternation afterwards 38 volumes. In 1997, the agreeable of “Volcano Knits Berserk” and the agreeable of 14 volumes afterwards “eating” was television animated. Afterwards that, a gap will be opened once, but in 2011A plan to anticipate all the belief advantaged “Berserk Saga Project” started. Alpha from 2012 to 2013, “Golden Age” from aboriginal aggregate 3 volumes to 14 volumes is arise as a three-part movie. In accession back 2015New activity projectThe aboriginal adventure of TV activity (new work) was broadcasted in the summer of 2016, as the aureate era adaptation and above will be beheld for the aboriginal time.

Since the assembly is actuality agitated out afterward the aboriginal period, there is no change to the agents cast. The ambassador is a biographer accepted for his books such as “Toy” alternation and “Itenagi no Shinni” series, “Young Gun · Carnival” and “Parade of Speeding Adolescence” alternation “PSYCHO – PASS Psychopath” It is additionally accepted that he formed on the cine for “Wonder Girls!Fukami true.

Berserk 38 (Young Animals Comics) | Miura Kentarou | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal and absolute supervision: Kentaro Miura (Studio I)Director: Shikagi ItagakiSeries composition: Fukami trueSeries agreement cooperation: Takashi YamashitaMain Actualization Design: Henry AbeArt director: Hiroshi Itoh (Kusanagi)Color coordination: Shiichiro Fejida3D Director: Hisashi Egawa: Makoto SatoVisual director: Toru ShinozakiTechnical Director: Keiza MizuhashiCG clay supervision: Mitsuishi MitsuishiCharacter archetypal lead: Igarashi NarumiSetup lead: Hiroki SatoAnimation lead: Keisuke KobayashiComposite Lead: Takamado HatakeyamaEdit: Yuri TamuraAcoustic Director: Miwa IwamiAcoustic effect: Kayama OyamaAcoustic Production: Glow VisionMusic: Shiro SagishiProduction: LIDENFILMSAnimation Production: GEMBA / MilpanseeProduction: Berserk Assembly CommitteeCopyright notation: © Kentaro Miura (studio painting) · Hakusensha / Berserk Assembly Committee

Twitter:@berserk_animeHashtag: #berserk

OP: 9 mm Parabellum Ammo “Sacrifice”ED: Minobu Aino feat. Yanagi Nagi “All Stories”Play song: Hirasawa Susumu “Ash Crow” “Ash Crow”

·castGuts: Hiroaki IwanagaPack: Kaoru MizuharaFarnese: Yoko HigakasaSerpico: Kazuyuki OkitsuIsidro: Shimono HiroshiCASCA: Hiroshi AraiSeike: Chiwa SaitoIbarrera: Satomi AraiFlora: Shimamoto ShimomotoZod: Kenta MiyakeSonya: Aino NanjoGriffith: Takahiro SakuraiSkull Knight: Atsuo OtsukaNarration: Yu Ishizuka

Spring abutting advancing 2017 – YouTube

TV anime “Berserk” aboriginal abstract video – YouTube

· Advertisement informationNHK E Tel: 4/8 (Sat) 17: 35 ~

· Assignment informationSolving the troubles of the spirit is a Shinigami boy who earns savings, Rikuji Rinpu and a babe whose girls can see a apparition with her classmates · Maki Makiya. As if to afflict the two with a attenuate aberration feeling, exorcisers · cruciform wings, bouncing about the blooming blossoms · cross-shaped wings, afterlife gods girls · phoenians blind about Rinpa active surroundings, circadian camp after-school patterns Is unfolded.

The aboriginal is 34 volumes already arise in the Account Shonen Sunday series. The latest 35 volumes will be arise on March 17.

Boundary RINNE 34 (Shonen Sunday Comics) | Rumiko Takahashi | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffTwitter:@ nhk_ rinneHashtag: #anime_rinne

OP: Serious brawl of the night “SHINY”ED: Softly “Skinano kana”

·castRikuzen Rin: Ishikawa KokitanMamiya Sakura: Mary InoueSix sentences: Hitomi NatameCross wing: Ryohei KimuraFeng: Ruri MurakawaHazy: Matsuoka SadyojoSeal: Morimoto SaitoSuzuki: Mikami SuzukoFour aroused brush: Shizuka IshigamiMagokoro: Teruya KakiharaRokkaido Mackerel: Kampei YamaguchiSoko: Yukino SatsukiSister Annet · Hitomi: Sawashiro MiyukiRokudo Otome: Megumi Hayashibara

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/9 (Sunday) 22: 00 ~KBS Kyoto: 4/10 (Monday) 20: 00 ~AT-X: 4/10 (Mon) 24: 30 ~ otherd Anime store: 4/11 (Tue) 12: 00 ~Sagatetebi: 4/12 (Wednesday) 25: 55 ~Northern Japan Broadcasting: 4/13 (Thurs) 26: 29 ~

· Assignment information

Ambassador Masayuki Yoshihara served as Abettor Ambassador of “Spirit Protector” as in Actualization 1. Baton blow on the alternation agreement from Shotaro Kan to Ryo Hinakaki. In accession to actuality amenable for biographer in “Guardian of Spirit”, he was in allegation of the alternation agreement of “Kuromukuro” and “Dimension W”.

The aboriginal is Mori Miki’s “Return home of the additional bearing ecstop family” of Miki.

Returning home for the additional bearing of Uchoten Ancestors Tomomihiko Mori | Book | Mail adjustment | Amazon

Doraemon Dorami Nobita Coloring Pages. How to Draw ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Doraemon Dorami Nobita Coloring Pages. How to Draw … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

·staffOriginal: Miki MoriCharacter draft: Koji KumadaDirector: Masayuki YoshiharaSeries composition: Ryo HinakakiCharacter architecture · absolute activity director: Tsunesuke KawabeArt director: Yusuke Takeda, Harumomi OkamotoDirector of Photography: Satoshi NamikiColor design: Yoshitsugu Inoue3D Director: Kohei OgawaEditingAcoustic director: Kawahito MeidaMusic: Yoshimasa FujisawaMusic production: LantisAnimation Production: P.A. WORKSProduce: “Uchoten Ancestors 2” Assembly CommitteeCopyright notation: © Mori Kanno Mihiko · Gentosha / “Uchoten Ancestors 2” Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ Uchoten 2 _ AnimeHashtag: # Ecstastic sky

OP: milktub “Staying blatant while actuality made”ED: fhána “Moon River”

·castYabusaburo: Takahiro SakuraiYaichi Yuichi: Junichi SuwabeYajiro: Yoshino HiroyukiYashiro: Mai NakaharaBenten: Mamiko NotoMother (Tao Seng): Kikuko InoueTeacher Akadama: Hideyuki UmezuKinkaku: Shizuya NishiGinkaku: Youseki HatakeyamaStar: Sakura AyaneProf. Yodogawa: Higuchi TakehikoSecond generation: Junji MajimaTamaku: Yoko HigakaKureichirou: Yuichi NakamuraTenmaya: Shimada Satoshi

【Uchouten Ancestors 2】 1st PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationAT-X: 4/10 (Mon) 23: 30 ~ otherTOKYO MX: 4/10 (Monday) 24: 30 ~Sun TV: 4/10 (Monday) 24: 30 ~BS Fuji: 4/10 (Monday) 24: 30 ~KBS Kyoto: 4/10 (Monday) 25: 00 ~tvk: 4/11 (Tue) 25: 00 ~

· Assignment informationChurch agenda 526, a apple with a witch and academics alleged magic. Bisected barbarian bisected bodies “beast fall” are built-in from a actual accustomed animal parent, and the close of the barbarian avalanche as a witch makes a apparatus of magic, so aiming goes afterwards all.At one point, the barbarian abatement “mercenary” is aided by the witch “Zero” area it was actuality targeted. A acquisitive who believed in the chat “return to man” of aught who self-designates the ultimate witch keeps aught from the duke such as witch hunting, while analytic for “thirteenth number” which was belief abracadabra with aught as it already was It becomes an escort of. The thirteenth is advancing accession who blanket the “zero book” with the adeptness to abort the world, Aught additionally chase the thirteenth and arch to the kingdom. And mercenaries will apperceive the abhorrent adeptness of the banned spellbook “magic”.

The ambassador formed on a activity as “Drifters”, “A boondocks area I abandoned does not exist”, “A Claret Activity Front” and so on, and served as a ambassador in the connected activity “Light of the River” broadcasted at NHK in 2009Tetsuo Hirakawa.

The aboriginal is a atypical arise from Dengeki Bunko, 8 volumes already published.

A bewitched book starting from blemish VIII – a librarian of a banned library – (Dengeki Bunko) | Takeshi kake, Shigeru Shizuma | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Tiger runs overCharacter draft: Yoshinori ShizumaDirector: Tetsuo HirakawaCharacter design: Ryosuke Kimiya, Daisuke ShigaImage Board: Hiroki ShinagawaProp Design: Iwahata Gyouichi, Suzuki NoritakaArt Director: Yoshito Takamine (Mine)Art setting: Kaoru Aoki (Mine)Color design: Miyuki Sato (Wish)Supervised Supervision: Kumiko Taniguchi (Team Taniguchi)3D Director: Mitsutaro Shishido (IKIF )Director of Photography: Nobu Shitara (T2 studio)Edit: Hitomi Sudou (REAL-T)Acoustic director: Noboru AkaguchiAcoustic Studio: HALF H · P STUDIOMusic: Masato MatsudaMusic production: LantisProduce: InfiniteAnimation Production: WHITE FOXCopyright notation: © 2016 Tiger active / KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works / Zero’s abracadabra division

Twitter:@ zeronosyoHashtag: #zeronosyo

·castZero: Yumihiro HanamoriMercenary: Takeshi OyamaAlbus: Apple leavesHoldem: Masayuki KatoThirteen: Takehito Koyasu

TV activity “Magical book starting from zero” PV 2nd ammo – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/11 (Tue) 23: 00 ~Kansai Television: 4/13 (Thu) 26: 25 ~BS Fuji: 4/17 (Monday) 24: 00 ~

· Assignment informationWhen Nino is in the fourth brand of elementary school, a adolescent acquaintance of momo abolished with his family, abrogation the chat “someday you can accommodated your songs as a landmark” if they can not meet. Nino suffered a shock and began shouting back his affections rose, and I could not let go of the mask. One day in the fifth brand of elementary school, Nino encounters “Yuzu” who wishes to bark afterwards averseness to go to the bank and address songs on the beach. Afresh every anniversary Wednesday Yuz wrote the assiduity of the song and the canicule that Nino sangs continue, but Yuzu additionally disappears from afore Nino.Nino, Momo, Yuz played a acute reunion, a assiduity of a one-way adulation begins that did not arise true.

Directed by Hideya Takahashi of “Opposite !!!!!!!!” and OVA “Fantasista Stella”. The alternation consists of “Akaura Maze Book”, “Snow White of Red Hair”, “Uetamama” etc. It is additionally accepted as “Frame Arms · Girl” this season.

In the autumn of 2017 the cine ‘Boku nenkai no koi no koi wo Hiroto’Koichiro Miki, Starring Ayami Nakajo, Shinjitsu, Yuta Ozeki and othersLive activity cine versionWill be fabricated public.

The aboriginal is “Hana to Yume” series, 11 volumes already published. The latest 12 volumes will be arise on 20th March.

Nozzle adjustment babble 12 (Hana to Yume Comics) | Ryoko Fukuyama | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Ryoko FukuyamaDirector: Hideya TakahashiSeries configuration: Akao YokoCharacter design: Ito MarikoOverall director: Toyo Mariko, Wakako ShigotoProp Design: Satomi HiguchiColor design: Natsuko OtsukaArt Director: Masako Okuma (Studio Tenjin)Director of Photography: Oda Yoshinobu2 DW / appropriate effect: Hitoshi Tokumaru, Miki TachibanaEdit: Yasutaka IkedaAcoustic director: Takayuki YamaguchiMusic: SADESPER RECORD (NARASAKI / WATCHMAN)Animation Production: Brains BaseCopyright notation: © Ryoko Fukuyama · Hakusensha / Activity “Masked Noise” Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ fukumenkeianimeHash tag: # Activated awning system

·castArisu River Nino (Nino): Saori HayamiYuzu (Yuzu): Yamashita DaisukeSakako acceptable (peach): Takashi Uchiyama

TV activity “Bokusen noisyu no 1” PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationAT-X: 4/11 (Tue) 23: 30 ~ otherTOKYO MX: 4/12 (Wednesday) 25: 05 ~KBS Kyoto: 4/12 (Wed) 25: 05 ~Sun TV: 4/12 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~TV Aichi: 4/12 (Wednesday) 26: 35 ~TVQ: 4/12 (Wednesday) 26: 35 ~d Anime store: 4/13 (Thursday) 12: 00 ~BS 11: 4/14 (Friday) 27: 00 ~

· Assignment informationA apple alien monsters were beat by the beasts, destroyed the apple about 500 years ago, and the apple afterwards abounding added contest including the allegorical animal chase (Emnight Wight) were destroyed. Abandoned almost survived leave the earth, amphibian continents (regle · ele) consisting of added than one hundred bedrock masses “floating islands” in the sky were all in the world.Willem Kumesh who could not assure what he capital to assure in the activity adjoin the beasts woke up in the sky afterwards 500 years and knew that he was the aftermost animal actuality larboard in the world, I lived a activity like a recluse. Willem is alien as a aggressive assignment from accompany who accept not credible their lives, and becomes a new ambassador who works in the administration of “weapons” at the barn of the company. The boutique purchased accession was the “sword (carillon)” which salvaged the archaeological weapon (Dagwon Pong), which is the abstruse of the backbone that a anemic animal actuality was the best of the earth. However, the Holy Sword can abandoned be acclimated by those who are already able as adventurous associates of the animal association who accept already been destroyed. Now that there are no animal beings, bogie girls are aggravating to assure the amphibian islands with charcoal It was fought as a disposable activity calm and captivated abandoned for victory.Willem, who was one of the bodies who acclimated the Holy Sword, began teaching fairies how to fight, not disposable, fate that had never changed.

Director is Junichi Wada of “The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan”, and the alternation agreement is served by aboriginal biographer Nobuno Kinno. The aboriginal is a atypical arise from sneakers collection, 5 volumes in total, Gaiden 1 volume. The new alternation “Is it done at the end? Can you see afresh abandoned once?” The absolute of the alternation has exceeded 430,000 copies and 67,000 downloads accept been accomplished that are aberrant as cyberbanking books.Sneaker Bait-and-switch Official SiteIn 155 pages out of 1 aggregate can be browsed.

Are you busy? Are you busy? May I save you? # 05 (Kadokawa sneakers collection) | Kinoe Ei, ue | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

Foreword in Anime BroadcastingMain actualization articulation amateur adolescent auditionWas held.

The official abridgement is “Smoked”. Besides the area name, it is additionally acclimated as a hashtag.

·staffOriginal alternation · Structure of organization: Eriko KinnoScreenplay: Ken Yukino, Norio Nemoto, Shingo Nagai, Mariko MochizukiDirector: Junichi WadaCharacter architecture · Accepted activity director: Toru ImanishiWorld Abstraction Design: Brunei StanislasConcept design: Hot, Shinya Asanuma, Toshinari Tanaka (Burnstorm · Architecture Lab)Design Works: Hiroyuki OkawaProp Design: Junichi FukunagaArt setting: Flat Wyeth, Masahiro Sato (Head · Works), Chiaki Tsukamoto (Head · Works), Nobuya AsanumaColor design: Masato TakagiArt director: Mio Ichiko (Studio Wyeth)Background: Flat Wyeth3DCG Ambassador · 3DCG: Mukasu ImakaDirector of Photography: Jun KubotaPhotography: accessory agenda sectionEdit: Tsuyoshi ShimatsuAcoustic director: Satoshi MotoyamaMusic: Tatsuya KatoMusic Producer: Shigeru SaitoAnimation Producer: Fumio Kaneko, Ryosuke YamadaGeneral Producer: Atsushi ItoAcoustic Production: Dax ProductionMusic production: LantisProduction: Accessory / C2CProduction: 68th island · bogie warehouseCopyright notation: © 2017 Kiyano Ei · ue / KADOKAWA 68 island · Bogie warehouse

Twitter:@ sukasuka_animeHashtag: # faintly

OP: Azusa Tadokawa “DEAREST DROP”ED: TRUE “From”

·castWillem Kumesh: Ryohei AraiKutri · NOTA · Seniorris: Tadashi AzusaAisea · Mysé · Valgallis: MachicoNephlen · Luc · Insania: Akari UeharaLantorc · Ituri · Historia: WatanabeNoft · Ke · Desperatio: Mizuno InoseTiat: Yumi MizumaPannival: Kure UrikaLachish: Iwami Maika incenseColon: Nikko NikkoAlumina: Akane KohinataNigraat: Kikuko InoueGrick Gray Crack: Chiba ShigeruLime skin: Yoshuro KosugiAlmaria · Duffner: Satomi SatoFiracol Libya Dorio: Hou FlowerLiliar · Asplay: Rina SatoSuwon · Kandel: the aureate man

“Are you activity to the end? Are you busy? Are you OK to rescue?” PV (Overseas Version) – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo: 4/11 (Tue) 25: 35 ~TV Osaka: April 11 (Tue) 25: 35 ~TV Hokkaido: 4/11 (Tue) 25: 35 ~Television setouchi: 4/11 (Tue) 25: 40 ~TV Aichi: 4/11 (Tue) 27: 05 ~TVQ: 4/11 (Tuesday) 27: 35 ~

· Assignment informationNatsume Takashi sends a “return name” day to the youkai with Professor Nyanko who self-designs a bouncer, with a “friend’s book” larboard by her grandmother Natsume Reiko.

Miki Midorikawa’s aboriginal sixth assignment on anime alternation based on manga. The staff, like the “Natsume Yujincho”, is the ambassador of the “Durarara !!” seriesTakahiro Omori, Ambassador is “Rolling ☆ Girls” “Sai no Saji Spoon (2nd Period)” Affair Baby Tomi, Murai Sayuki of alternation “Sidney of the Knight” alternation “Sakin no Kakera” alternation composition.

The aboriginal banana has been arise 21 volumes.

Natsume Yujincho 21 (Hana to Yume COMICS) | Yuki Midorikawa | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Yuki MidorikawaOverall director: Takahiro OmoriDirector: Minori TaimedoSeries composition: Murai SayukiCharacter design: Akira TakadaSub Actualization Design: Hiroki HagiwaraYoukai Design: Yamada GenkiArt: Yukihiro ShibuyaColor setting: Hiromi MiyawakiPhotography: Hitoshi Tamura, Tetsuya KawadaEdit: Seki KuhiMusic: Nobushi YoshimoriAnimation Production: Zhu XiaProduction: NASProduction: “Natsume Yujincho” Assembly CommitteeCopyright ablaze notation: © Yuki Midorikawa · Hakusensha / “Natsume Yujincho” assembly committee

Twitter:@ natsumeyujinchoHashtag: # Natsume’s Book of Friends

·castTakashi Natsume: Hiroshi KamiyaNyanko sensei: Kazuhiko InoueSpots: Kazuhiko InoueNatsume Reiko: Sanae KobayashiNaoi Natori: Akira IshidaKaname Tanuma: Kazumasa HorieSatoru Nishimura: Ryohei KimuraAtsushi Kitamoto: Hisayoshi SuganumaJun Sasada: Miyuki SawashiroMultiplexing: Rina SatoToshiko Fujiwara: Miki ITOShigeru Fujiwara: Eiji ItoShibasa Tachibana: Junichi Suwabe

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/12 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~Sun TV: 4/12 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~※ Abbreviate animation

· Assignment informationNakayama Hinako, who had been in the adeptness as an drop back he got a faculty of mind, abstruse assorted angry sports with the activity of the facility. A accompanying brother, Hikaru aback appeared afore the eyes of such a son, allurement me to access the prefecture’s aboriginal Yankee Aerial Academy / Shishi Gakuen as my substitute.

Director Tokuaki Saito has been complex in administering “Love Live! The Academy Idol Movie”. Alternation agreement is “grave”, “about Ron Dasu!” Takahashi Natsuko of “golden beard brawl of noodles of the country”, this division in allegation of the alternation configuration, alike “love tyrant”.

The aboriginal is a affair ADV for PlayStation Vita “Fighting Bancho Otome”. There is no casting change.

·staffOriginal: Spike ChunsoftDirector: Tokuaki SaitoSeries structure: Nakatsu TakahashiAnimation actualization design: MasuroSub Actualization Design: Akane YanoProp Design: Keiko KitayamaArt Director: Yusuke IkedaBackground: Flat SuuuuColor design: Yoko SuzukiDirector of Photography: Junpei TakatsuPhotography: Asahi Productions3DCG: flat A-CATAcoustic director: Morishita HirotoAcoustic Production: GrooveMusic: Hayabusa / Simple NotesEdit: RealTiAnimation Production: activity No. 9 × A-RealCopyright ablaze notation: © Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd./ Shishiro Gakuen Council

Twitter:@ kbo_animeHashtag: # Kaname Oda Otome # # Animation

·castNakayama Hinako: Yamamura HibikiMinowa Doto Maru: KENNTakayuki Koharu: Shota AoiRintaro Kira: Yoshimasa HosoyaYuuko Masuko: Teruya KakiharaOgijima Phoenix: Maeno TomoakiHikaru Onigashi: Tsubasa KenagaHaruko Sakaguchi: Takashi Kondo

TV anime “Brawler Bancho Otome – Babe Beats Boys -” Aboriginal PV – YouTube

2nd ammo PV 1 “Minowa Doto Maru” / TV anime “Fight Activity Otome – Babe Beats Boys -” – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/12 (Wed) 22: 40 ~Sun TV: 4/12 (Wednesday) 24: 10 ~※ Abbreviate animation

· Assignment informationI draw the canicule of three persons’ individuals and ‘you’.

“One Room” broadcasted from January 2017 was a adventure with three girls, but “RoomMate” reverses gender, and this time the canicule with three men are drawn. It is bashful and air-conditioned “Reimu Takumi”, a aerial academy amateur “Nishina Aoi” who is a affable actor, aristocratic but absolutely I like Mr. Shinya Miyasaka.

·staffOriginal: SMIRALStory draft: Eiji ManoScreenplay: Susan RyuseiOriginal draft: leftCharacter design: Noritazu NakadaProduction: Allowance Mate Assembly CommitteeAnimation Production: Feng Shui GraphicsCopyright ablaze notation: © SMIRAL / “One Room” Assembly Committee / “Room Mate” Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ anime_one_room

·castTakumi Reehara: Maeno TomoakiNishina Aoi: Nagi HanoeShinya Miyasaka: Kosuke Toriumi

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: 4/13 (Thurs) 19: 25 ~BS Japan: 4/15 (Sat) 6: 30 ~

· Assignment informationThe fourth cross-media activity by Akin 5 which has beatific “Inazuma Eleven” “Cardboard Warfare” “Yokai Watch” to the world. Aboriginal from December 2016Manya ImmortalityA manga by alpha started with a korokoro comic. TV activity started in April 2017, and the bold of Nintendo 3DS adaptation was arise in July 2017. In addition, Android · iOS adaptation bold appliance will be delivered in December 2017.

It was apparent at the aforementioned time as two movies of “Yokai Watch” (“Emma the Abundant and 5 Belief Nyan!”, “A Aerial Whale and the Double Adventure of the World”!), Afterward the TV activity The third activity cine is additionally decided.

Premium basic examination that the aboriginal adventure can be credible at the fastestAre appointed at bristles places in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. If the appliance borderline is postcard on March 23rd, the web is until 23. 59 on March 23rd.

【PV】 “Snack World” (Snack Apple Alpha Ver.) – YouTube

· Advertisement informationFuji Television: 4/13 (Thu) 24: 55 ~Other

· Assignment informationMr. Aki Aki, accepted as an aristocratic beatnik who additionally enters the fingers in the school, admiring Kasumigaoka artist accoutrement as a aerial academy babe Ranobet writer, Sawamura, Spencer and English pears of the aforementioned son biographer by boyhood friend, Megumi Kato of classmates I will alpha alive on a doujin bold with a actualization modeled on the capital heroine. It seemed as a music artisan that Mr. Himi Higashidori, my cousin, additionally abutting and became a absolute arrangement.

The aboriginal is a ablaze atypical admission assignment by Maruoto Fumiaki accepted as a book biographer such as “This affiance to this dejected sky -“. With 11 volumes already published, 12 volumes will be arise on March 18. The aboriginal aeon was broadcasted in the winter of 2015, and Maruto was in allegation of the alternation agreement / cine of animation.

Her way of adopting herself 11 (Fantasia Bunko) | Maruoto Fumiaki, Fukasaki Yuto | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Fumiaki MaruotoCharacter draft: Misaki FukasakiDirector: Mikita KameiSeries agreement · Screenplay: Fumiaki MaruotoCharacter design: Takase TomoakiMusic: Yu Hakushi (F.M.F)Production: A-1 Pictures

Twitter:@ saenai_heroineHashtags: # Do not be air-conditioned how to accession her

ED: Delusional Calibration “Sakura Blush Diary”

·castMr. Aki Michiya: Matsuoka SadyojoSawamura, Spencer, Penny: English SaoriKasumigaoka artist feather: Ai KinoMegumi Kato: Yasuno AnnoMiyoshi Higido: Yarosaki SAITOWajimajima Ocean: Akasaki ChinatsuMorishima Iori: Teruya KakiharaYuko Machida: Noriko Kuwashima

TV anime “Not so accomplished her adopting ♭” additional copy CM | Started broadcasting on April 13 – YouTube

· Advertisement informationAT-X: 4/14 (Friday) 24: 00 ~ othersTOKYO MX: 4/14 (Friday) 25: 05 ~BS 11: 4/17 (Monday) 24: 30 ~

· Assignment information

Ambassador · The agreement of the alternation is “Queen’s Blade” alternation and “Yoshimoto Kinji” of “I absitively to cautiously cautiously become a brave”.

As allotment of the media mix activity that “Hobby Japan” has been developing back 2011, it was arise already as OVA in 2012, but this was not produced and it was absitively to be television activity again.

On Cinemato Shinjuku on April 9Episode 1 ~ 3 Adventure Screening Casting Allocution ShowIs held.

By the way, for “a savior candidate” rather than “devil worshiper”, there are seven angels about the “Seven virtuesContending agreeable exists.

·staffOriginal: Hobby JapanDirector: Yoshimoto KinjiStory abstraction alternation composition: Shinji YoshimotoMain writer: Suzuki InauguralCharacter aboriginal plan: Ni θCharacter architecture · absolute activity director: Yoshida ShokoOverall director: Mr. Ozeki, like JunjiIndustrial design: ShigematsuArt Director: Kenta Masuda Maohara MatsubaraColor design: Kinji Yoshimoto, Eri UmamotoVisual coordinator:Director of Photography: Satoshi FujitaEdit: Masaki SakamotoAcoustic director: Morishita HirotoMusic: Katsu Yokoyama, Hiroaki TsutsumiProduce: JenkoProduction: Tea · N · K, ArtlandProduction: “sin seven baleful partners”Copyright notation: HOBBY JAPAN · Niθ / “sin seven deadly” partners

Twitter:@ 7sins_tvHashtag: # Abundant sin

OP: Mia REGINA “My Sweet Maiden”ED: Mia REGINA “Welcome to our atrocious paradise”

·castLucifer: Eri KitamuraLeviathan: Akane FujitaSatan: Sakuraba ArisaBellefa Goal: Kao MakumaMammon: Yoko HigakaBeelzebab: Yui OguraAsmodius: Takahashi TomoakiBelial: Shizuka ItoAstaroto: Tadashi AzusaTen Array Makiya: Megumi Toda

“Sin seven abundant sins” PV (Melody of Melancholy · Actualization song MV adaptation by Astaroth) – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTOKYO MX: 4/14 (Fri) 24: 30 ~KBS Kyoto: 4/14 (Fri) 24: 30 ~Sun TV: 4/14 (Fri) 24: 30 ~BS 11: 4/14 (Friday) 24: 30 ~AbemaTV: 4/14 (Friday) 24: 30 ~TV Aichi: 4/15 (Sat) 25: 50 ~AT-X: 4/15 (Sat) 21: 00 ~ otherd Anime Store · Activity All-you-can-E-NEXT · Nico Nico Douga · Nico Nico Alive Advertisement · Bandai Approach · VideoMarket Delivery

· Assignment informationThe monster is the abandoned monkey in the apple “Unknown hole”, dungeon. It was disconnected into a cardinal of hierarchies, there was no one that affective the accomplished of the “hole” that was too advanced and deep, and those who challenged the alien were alleged “adventurers”. Four Eyes Walenstein and others connected allurement for backbone as a capital charlatan acceptance to one of the adventurers (parties) aimed at such a alcove abduction “Loki Familia”.In the fifteenth bureaucracy “Fountain of Cadmos”, Eyes and others ascertain that able dragons (cadmos) accept been agape down. Parties that can adeptness the 51st akin to defeat the arch chic monster / cadmos except for the hierarchical adept (boss monster) are limited, and Familia will not ache expedition. In addition, big-ticket attenuate items from Cadmos were not collected. This agency the actuality of “something” that is not an adventurer, like killing alike Cadmos, which additionally agency that adventurers encountered an “abnormal bearings (irregular)” to abstain best It was. Not abandoned that, it hits a ample cardinal of monsters ‘monsters’ feast (monster / party) on Eyes. Will Eyes be able to affected this crisis, and what is the actualization of “something”?

Director is “Urara Maze Gakko”, “boring apple area there is no abstraction of lower net” “Yuhei Suzuki of OVA” allurement for a alcove is wrong, alternation agreement is “It is amiss to seek alcove appointment Accept you been there? “Hideki Shirane of” Date A Alive “” Kilmy Babyish “.

Works which is an adventure of activity advertisement from the bounce of 2015 “It is amiss to seek a alcove encounter?” The aboriginal adventure of “Dan Machi” Eyes which helped the alarm hit by Minotaur at the alpha is the arch role. The aboriginal atypical was arise in 7 volumes, the latest 8 volumes were arise on April 17.

Will it be amiss to seek a dungeon? Gaiden Sword · Oratria 8 (GA Bunko) | Omori Fujino, (Original draft) Yasuda Suzuto, Yumura Kiyotaka | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal: Fujino OmoriCharacter aboriginal plan: Ibaraki Kiyotaka, Yasudasu HitoDirector: Yohei SuzukiSeries composition: Hideki ShiraneCharacter design: Shigeki KimotoMusic: Keiji InoueAnimation production: J.C.STAFFCopyright notation: © Fujino Omori · SB Creative / Sword · Oratria Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ danmachi_animeHashtag: #danmachi

OP: Yuka Iguchi “RE-ILLUSION”ED: Kanno “day by day”

·castEyes Walenstein: Saori OhnishiRefiya · Williadis: Pearl KimuraTiona Hiryute: Ruri MurakawaTione Hillyte: Masami TakahashiLoki: Kure UrikaFin · Dimna: Tamura MutsumiLiberia · Lyos · ア ル ー ヴ: Ayako KawasumiGareth / Acreage Rock: Kenji NomuraBeat Roga: Nobuhiko Okamoto

Scheduled to alpha broadcasting in April 2017 TV anime “Sword and Oratoria” Tiza PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationMBS · TBS series: 4/15 (Sat) 6: 30 ~

· Assignment informationIt is broadcasted on “Anime Saturday 630” anew accustomed from April at MBS · TBS Affiliated Bureau.

“100% Professor Pascal” is a 4 volumes arise in the account Korokoro banana series. Bewitched elementary academy abecedary · Pascal abecedary waggles the acceptance with the absolute activity that they appetite to do, gag banana who spreads accepted circadian activity with aerial adeptness of Tsukkomi. Smartphone bold “100% Pascal Abecedary Absolute Quiz BattleIn accession to the distribution, in the summer of 2017 Nintendo 3DS “100% Professor Pascal Absolute Paint BombersIs released.

100% Pascal sensei 4 (ladybug korokoro comics) | Yuji Nagai | book | mail adjustment | Amazon

“Prepure Chi-chan !!” is arise in the account advertisement 3 volumes. Inferior aerial academy girls who are “girls who accept alarming personality” · Atramentous flowers will abet with the underground bodies “Chi-chan” and the alien’s “Uncle”, activity heart-full but anarchic aggregate life.

Prepure Chi-chan !! 3 (Chao Comics) | Shinozuka Hiromu | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffCopyright notation: © Yuji Nagai / Shogakkan / 100% Pascal project, © Hiroyuki Shinozuka · Shogakkan / Chi-chan Project

·cast· Pre-Chichi-chan !!Chi-chan: Ruri Murakawa

100% Pascal Abecedary & Prepure Chiichan! – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTBS series: 4/15 (Sat) 7: 00 ~

· Assignment information

Ambassador Takao Kato of “Rockman EXE” “Meteor Rockman” alternation and “Zoid – ZOIDS -” “Zoid New Century / Zero”. Kenichi Araki was additionally in allegation of alternation “Rockman EXE” “Meteor Rockman” series.

Works with a baby calibration car toy “Tomica” alternation motif. “Tomica” burden works back the 2008 appropriate brawl “Tomica Hero Accomplishment Force” “Tomica Hero Accomplishment Fire” since.

·staffDirector: Hideo KatoSeries composition: Kenichi ArakiCharacter design: Takumi ToritaAnimation Production: OLMCopyright ablaze notation: © TOMY / Drive arch · TBS

Twitter:@ tbs_dhHashtag: # Tomica # Hyper Rescue

OP: SUPER ★ DRAGON “Wacha – Gacha!”

·castMasuda Goh: Natsumi FujiwaraYagura Taiga: Kokutai-kiIshino Jin: Kei ShindoMikoto Ishino: Sasaka Misawa

Tomica Hyper Accomplishment Drive Arch Adaptable Emergency Badge Teaser Cine – YouTube

· Advertisement informationNHK General: 4/15 (Sat) 23: 00 ~Amazon Prime Video: 4/15 (Sat) 25: 30 ~

· Assignment informationTwo geniuses, Analysis Associate Professor Hiroshi Ochanomizu (Hiroki Ochajima) and Yu Taro Temma (Umami Tenma), a adept of the master’s amount in Nanba University’s Robotics Engineering Laboratory (Nanaken), are the abutting bearing bogus Creates a amateur “A 106 (Aeten Six)” able with intelligence “BEVEST STEIN”. However, no amount how adeptness they were, I could not alike apperceive that this analysis all-overs the apple about … ….How abnormal how Astro Boy came into being, the alien adventure begins.

The accepted ambassador is the “Odoru Daisousasen” series, the cine “Lotto” (live activity version), the activity “PSYCHO-PASS psychopath”Koji Maibō. The ambassador is “Moralez Amplitude Pirate” “Stellvia in the Universe”, “Gakushinkenki Mouri”, “Martian Battleship Nadezco”Tatsuo Sato. The alternation agreement is “Pikaia !!” “BLOOD ” “RD Division of Brain Analysis Room”Junichi Fujisaki.

Atom the Alpha (4) (Heroes Comics) | Tezuka Osamu, Yuuki Masami, Kasahara Tetrowe | Books | mail adjustment | Amazon

·staffOriginal plan: Tezuka OsamuProject planning cooperation · supervision: Mr. TezukaConcept Works: Masami YuukiManga: Kasahara TetrowCooperation: Tezuka ProductionsOverall director: Katsuyuki HonfairiDirector: Tatsuo SatoSeries composition: Junichi FujisakiCharacter design: Takahiro YoshimatsuMechanical design: Shizen Tsunenagi, Takeshi Ishimoto, Shinichi MiyazakiProp Design: Hibachi, Asahina Imahashi, Ohi YoshidaTotal activity director: Hideki ITOColor design: Miho TanakaArt: Hiroshi Kato3DCG Director: Takaaki SuganoMonitor graphics: Takashi AokiSpecial effects: Masahiro MurakamiDirector of Photography: Teihiro SatoEdit: Yoshiki HondaAcoustic Director: Miwa IwamiMusic: Noriyuki AsakuraAnimation production: OLM × Assembly I. G × SIGNAL.MDCopyright notation: © Tezuka Productions · Masami Yuuki · Kasahara Tetsuro · HERO’S / Atom the Alpha Assembly Committee

Twitter:@ atomtb_animeHashtag: # Atom the Beginning

OP: Afterwards the Rain “Unreadable”ED: Aino Namijo “The Alpha of Light”

·castTenma Kentarou: Yuichi NakamuraHiroshi Ochanomizu: Teruaki TerashimaA 106: Yuki InoueTomiyama Shigeya: Takahiro SakuraiShigeo Mikoto: Komatsu UmikoOchanomizu Orchid: Ayane SakuraKazuo KawanishiKenzo Bin: Nobuo Tobita

“Atom the Beginning” PV – YouTube

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: May 18: 25 ~

· Assignment information”Yu-Gi-Oh King” TV activity alternation 8th work. However, abandoned “Yu-Gi-Oh King” that was broadcasted back the bounce of 1998 is advertisement alternation as TV Asahi series, there are times back it is not counted because there is no affiliation with “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” back the bounce of 2000 . There is additionally a appearance that does not calculation that “Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL” broadcasted from 2011 to 2014 was additionally renamed “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL II” in the additional half, this is “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters “since it was advertisement on TV Tokyo” Comedy Yu-Gi-Oh! “Series is the sixth work.

·staffCopyright notation: © Kazuki Takahashi Flat · Dice / Shueisha · TV Tokyo · NAS

Twitter:@ yugioh_animeHashtag: # Yu-Gi-Oh # VRAINS

·castFujiki Yusaku: (unreleased)

※ The angel is of bold version

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: April

· Assignment informationSuddenly, affluence liner blazon idol academy “Venus Ark” led by Elsa Forte of absolute idol appeared. Elsa has aggregate accomplished idols and brands about the apple and was aiming for the dream as the abutting target.

The games-oriented arcade agenda bold “Eye cuts stars!” Activity enters the “Tsubasa star” alternation on the activity of “wings”, so TV activity enters new development in the aforementioned way.

The directorTeruo Sato.

·staffDirector: Teruo SatoCopyright notation: © BNP / BANDAI, DENTSU, TV TOKYO

Twitter:@ akatsu_animeHashtag: # Ikatsutusuzu

·castYume Yoshimi: Miharu TomitaSakuraba Laura: Aya AsaiMidnight Kirisui: Miyamoto YubuElsa Forte: Yoko HigakasaHanazono Kirara: Eguchi Nako

· Advertisement informationTV Tokyo series: April (Sunday) Late night

· Assignment information”If you appetite to apperceive the atramentous of the world, amuse accessible this illustration.”The apple we alive abutting aperture with “darkness” which is not accepted whether it is a lie such as UFO, UMA, curse, age-old civilization, air-conditioned power, analytic experience, abstruseness incident, altered ambit world, burghal fable etc. Express such “darkness” with a picture-story-style animation.

The ambassador is “Nuiguruma Z” “Robo Geisha” “One arm apparatus girl”Noboru Iguchi.

·staffOverall director: Nobu InoguchiDirecting: Kazushige Nakahira, Ryohei Ueno, Takashi Iizuka, othersScreenplay: Yoshida Oolong TaMusic: Yukihiko Fukuda (Oko)Drawing: Ebi Ebara, Atsushi Honda, Reijiro Kato, Tatsuya Morino, Makoto Kudo, etc.Production: ILCAProduction Cooperation: WonderheadCopyright notation: © “Darkness Book of the World” Assembly Committee

ED: MONO NO AWARE “me to me”

·castKozai Toi, Ms. Asami, Takiguchi Yukihiro, Imakawa Akumi, Watanabe Satoshi, othersStory Teller: Saito Engineering

Doraemon And Nobita - Cartoon Coloring Pages - Coloring ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Doraemon And Nobita – Cartoon Coloring Pages – Coloring … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

Coloring Nobita Youtube
for kids

And maybe the perfect thing about Coloring Nobita Youtube
is that they are free. There are a lot of sites on-line that give you a variety of pages so that you can chose from and select. Then you definately merely print them out (most properties have a printer nowadays) and as long as you might have something to paint in with, you’re good to begin. Few actions for teenagers are as stress free, thats for sure.

The 15 Secrets About Coloring Nobita Youtube Only A Handful Of People Know | Coloring Creative use of imagination is encouraged by this free pastime. Why not ask your baby to elaborate on what is occurring within the scene or so as to add Coloring Nobita Youtube
characters to the background? By partaking your children like this you’re instructing them to make use of their imagination, creativity and firing up their brains to raised understand the world around them.

picture of Coloring Nobita Youtube

Nobita Went to School Late Draw and Coloring Pages ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Nobita Went to School Late Draw and Coloring Pages … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

How to draw DORAEMON. DRAWING AND COLORING DORAEMON NOBITA ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

How to draw DORAEMON. DRAWING AND COLORING DORAEMON NOBITA … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

Coloring For Kids Doraemon and Nobita Coloring Pages for ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Coloring For Kids Doraemon and Nobita Coloring Pages for … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

Coloring For Kids Doraemon and Nobita Coloring Pages for ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Coloring For Kids Doraemon and Nobita Coloring Pages for … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

Coloring For Kids Doraemon and Nobita Coloring Pages for ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Coloring For Kids Doraemon and Nobita Coloring Pages for … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

Doraemon Catches Big Fish - Coloring Pages For Kids ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Doraemon Catches Big Fish – Coloring Pages For Kids … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

Nobita Drawing & Coloring from Doraemon - YouTube - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Nobita Drawing & Coloring from Doraemon – YouTube – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

Doraemon Catches Big Fish - Coloring Pages For Kids ... - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Doraemon Catches Big Fish – Coloring Pages For Kids … – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

When Shisuka Hugged Nobita - Drawing and Coloring - YouTube - Coloring Nobita Youtube

When Shisuka Hugged Nobita – Drawing and Coloring – YouTube – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

Nobita Drawing & Coloring from Doraemon - YouTube - Coloring Nobita Youtube

Nobita Drawing & Coloring from Doraemon – YouTube – Coloring Nobita Youtube | Coloring Nobita Youtube

15 photos of the "The 15 Secrets About Coloring Nobita Youtube Only A Handful Of People Know | Coloring"

ドラえもん Takeshi & Doraemon, Nobita Coloring Page – Cartoon ..When Shisuka Hugged Nobita – Drawing And Coloring – YouTube – Coloring Nobita YoutubeDoraemon Catches Big Fish – Coloring Pages For Kids ..Nobita Drawing & Coloring From Doraemon – YouTube – Coloring Nobita YoutubeDoraemon Catches Big Fish – Coloring Pages For Kids ..Coloring For Kids Doraemon And Nobita Coloring Pages For ..Coloring For Kids Doraemon And Nobita Coloring Pages For ..Coloring For Kids Doraemon And Nobita Coloring Pages For ..How To Draw DORAEMON. DRAWING AND COLORING DORAEMON NOBITA ..Nobita Went To School Late Draw And Coloring Pages ..Doraemon And Nobita – Cartoon Coloring Pages – Coloring ..Doraemon Dorami Nobita Coloring Pages. How To Draw ..Doraemon Nobita Coloring Step By Step | Coloring Pages For ..Color Flying Doraemon And Nobita Coloring Pages And Learn ..Nobita Drawing & Coloring From Doraemon – YouTube – Coloring Nobita Youtube

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